I’ll tell you what you DON’T need…the GIFT idea processing continues.

And that's another freakin' self-help book. No more work sheets, no more vision exercises. Those items have their place for sure, but at this point, I've read so many they're all starting to blend together in my mind. If you've done one "close your eyes and envision your best life", you've done them all. My … Continue reading I’ll tell you what you DON’T need…the GIFT idea processing continues.

No seriously, why am I here?

This is another post in which I'm publicly sharing my processing process - I process things through the written word. Sort of a free writing exercise with a specific topic in mind, and where I pay attention to maintaining some sort of structure or format.  Feel free to skip it :-).    Reluctantly I read … Continue reading No seriously, why am I here?

Damned one way or the other.

If I: get good grades speak "properly" like science, math, classic literature pursue higher (and higher) levels of education / knowledge prefer classical music play and enjoy chess apply my knowledge of etiquette dress stylishly strive for upper management and beyond have good credit display a substantial amount of wealth enjoy going to the theater … Continue reading Damned one way or the other.

Things I Left in 2014

Used to be a bit of a tradition amongst my friends and I that come new year's eve, we'd do a burning. All the things, people, situations and such we wanted to leave in the old year would be written down on a piece of paper then burned at the stroke of midnight, thus ushering … Continue reading Things I Left in 2014

There’s a spider in my shower.

It's a spindly legged, rather largish body, Daddy Long Leg type spider. It's been in that same corner since Tuesday of last week. It just sits there, in what I think might be tiny filaments of webbing holding it hammock like upside down from the ceiling. I haven't killed it. It seemed hypocritical of me … Continue reading There’s a spider in my shower.

Because it says so in my tagline.

This one isn't about writing. This is more along the lines of my not-often-written-or spoken about, personal mission to make sure I do more building up of human self-esteem than tearing down (my blog tagline, in case you hadn't noticed, "I strive to build others up so they may achieve their dreams.") It's something I take … Continue reading Because it says so in my tagline.

Password search, the sequel.

This morning's reminder: This is an automatically generated message from an unattended mailbox. Please do not reply to this email. This is a reminder that your network password will expire in 3 days. Please change it as soon as possible, your password must meet the following requirements: Contains characters from three of the following four … Continue reading Password search, the sequel.

A Peek Behind the Curtain – rated R for language.

What you won't find is some dapper dressed gentleman working the knobs or controls of some fancy sound and light machine.  You won't even find a wizard with a fancy projector and microphone. No. Instead, you'll see a room in which sits a large round table made of mahogany with four ornate chairs that look … Continue reading A Peek Behind the Curtain – rated R for language.

The Spoon Theory.

The article linked in this blog is mind opening. If you suffer from any type of chronic illness, whether the symptoms are visible or not, use this to help those around you understand what you go through on a daily basis. I truly believe it will help A LOT. Thank you to blogger Meganelizabethmorales for sharing.


So my sister in law shared this on Facebook, and I thought I would share it with you! It sometimes surprises me how insensitive people can be to people who have illnesses, (not just Epilepsy) and say straight to your face that you don’t look sick, or just to get over it because its all in your head.. It’s not that easy, and we cannot help it. #BRINGOUMOREAWARENESS #OTHERILLNESSES #BLATANTABUSEOFHASHTAGS. #DAMNIT, #MYSISTERINLAWCONVERTEDME #DARKSIDE.

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