It’s almost time

Got the proof today.  FINALLY. We're all silly with happiness now.  That's her, on the far right with her sister proofs. There's going to be one hell of a book release party coming up. Anyway, should just be another couple weeks - gotta go over the proof with a magnifying glass to make sure it's … Continue reading It’s almost time

What does the word “Aroused” do for you?

It's one of my Core  Desired Feelings and now, it's at the core of how and why I write.  Check out today's blog post for more on this word and read an excerpt from my collection of erotic short stories.  Warning, the excerpt is rated NC-17 so read at your own risk.Have a wonderful weekend … Continue reading What does the word “Aroused” do for you?

It’s about making room for my Muse to do His thing…

Part of healing involves getting passed your past. I didn't do a Father's Day post because my dad was a ghost of sorts.  My ex-husband, while a large part of my daughter's life now wasn't exactly present while we were married.  I didn't have strong, father figures in my childhood, so no tributes on my … Continue reading It’s about making room for my Muse to do His thing…

And today’s post makes the trilogy complete.

Apparently this last epiphany was a trilogy.  Who knew?  But anyway, here's part three. Next up, a few excerpts from the works in progress, some events and such.  Oh yeah, I'm making moves now.  Let's Do This! 🙂

Afternoon quickie to wet your appetite.

Dreamt I was proposed to.  It went something like this:   “Wait, don’t tell me, you’ve met the woman of your dreams and you called to tell me because for some reason you think I really want to hear that you’re happy, and in love, but not with me. “No, I…” “Okay, then you’ve called … Continue reading Afternoon quickie to wet your appetite.

Going for the brass ring

I was sleepy about an hour ago.  My eye lids were drooping and I was snuggled in my nest, wrapped in my jammies, all ready to call it a night. But then it happened.  A good movie, a good friend on the phone, and my earlier excitement seeped in just enough to kick the Z-monster in … Continue reading Going for the brass ring

Midnight and I’m thinking of vampires

And yet I still find bits of writing running through my head.  Oh for sure, being in the shadow of Big Ben earlier today while on a walking tour of downtown London, then another wonderful night with Dom, you'd think I'd have come back to my rental and fallen into a dream filled sleep.  But … Continue reading Midnight and I’m thinking of vampires

And I thought we partied hard in the States…

Almost 6:30 AM.  Just getting in.  Kathrine and her friends are great.  That club was huge and of course, Paul Oakenfield was guest deejaying.  I LOVE him.  And as if Katherine wasn't already cool,  she got me a ticket to the England v. Belgium football (just love hearing the guys say that) match later today. … Continue reading And I thought we partied hard in the States…

Last minute travel

It's that Bass Ackwards / Leap of Faith thing at work again.  I haven't thought much about this since the last post, but just this morning, I decided I'm going to take my "virtual" leave of absence to London, England after all.  As you read the coming month's posts, I want you to suspend reality along … Continue reading Last minute travel

Can we talk for a minute?

Well, here it is, one o'clock in the morning.  I think two o'clock is the darkest time of the night for me.  But that's neither here nor there.  The bottom line is, I'm up and writing and that means, I'm feeling which then leads most often to, having a moment. I will spare you the … Continue reading Can we talk for a minute?