That’s It!

I imagined I'd write horror.  After all, it's what I read, what I watched (the classics mostly), what I felt most of my childhood (bullying and assorted other traumas); what I dreamt most nights.  I wanted to be the monster under the bed for a change. But when I embraced my writing for real, what … Continue reading That’s It!

Camp Journal – Day 27: The Summit of Mount Rough Draft

The view from the summit of Mount Rough Draft doesn't look anything like that picture there, but I thought this came close to capturing the feeling of having made it to the top (word count 50,680; I've got a few more thousand to write to finish the story though). I'm going to sit here for … Continue reading Camp Journal – Day 27: The Summit of Mount Rough Draft

Dag Nabbit – Camp Journal, Day 18

So, try as I might, I couldn't quite get this post to fit the metaphorical (?),, you know the fake letters from camp and such that I've been posting since starting my draft for Camp NaNo this month; I couldn't get this post to fit the way I wanted it to. I mean, I … Continue reading Dag Nabbit – Camp Journal, Day 18

Camp Journal, Day 11

Whew. Just a quick note. I'm pretty worn out. Got to feeling pretty good and did a couple of sprints up the trail this evening. Didn't get that much further as my sprinting isn't as fast as it used to be, not to mention how heavy this pack  (day job, life responsibilities) is.  But I … Continue reading Camp Journal, Day 11

The Calm Between Storms

So to the left or rather behind me, the flurry of fund raising kick off with its excitement and visions of possibilities and in front?  CAMP NANO!!! I'm taking today to get some of the smaller to-dos, to-done. Come to think of it, today hasn't been all that calming, lol. In fact, if I look … Continue reading The Calm Between Storms

Getting Ready for Camp

Well, not just Camp but 2016 NaNo-palooza :-).  Going to participate in all three NaNo's this year: Camp NaNo (April 1 - 30) = The Other Woman (TBReleased Sept. 23rd, 2016).  This puts me on a tight production schedule. 30 days to finish the draft - I'm shooting for 65K total words; three months to … Continue reading Getting Ready for Camp

Book covers and other contemplations

Eat Prey Blood now has a book cover concept to go along with the very rough, very loose outline I have circling my thoughts.  It's pretty serious that I have a concrete title AND book cover idea in mind this early in the creative process. These things don't usually gel until well into the second … Continue reading Book covers and other contemplations

Turning Pro – Thank You Steven Pressfield, Marie Forlio, Danielle LaPorte, James Clear, and Steve Kamb

I wanted to document the moment I made the conscious decision to Turn Pro. Hello there. My name is Dana and I'm a PROFESSIONAL writer, publisher, and public speaker. My Vision: I'm in the human construction business - I work to build people up so that they may be their best selves. (have to work on … Continue reading Turning Pro – Thank You Steven Pressfield, Marie Forlio, Danielle LaPorte, James Clear, and Steve Kamb

Is it that time of year already?

OMG - how is it that NaNoWriMo season snuck up on me this year?  Oh that's right. Vacation! The email announcing that the 2015 NaNo site was up and open inspired three blog post drafts, lol. None of which included a novel idea for this year.  I've got several on the hard drive but I think … Continue reading Is it that time of year already?