I’m not just twiddling my thumbs,

but I'm not really writing either.  This is the summer of transformation I do believe.  I finished Breaking Point and my Muse seems to have gone on vacation.  I don't blame Him, we worked hard to get through Breaking Point and it would appear we both needed a break. Instead of just idling though, I've … Continue reading I’m not just twiddling my thumbs,

I’m Easy Like Sunday Morning,

But my Muse had other plans. Click to read the  New Blog Post.  Have a great rest of the weekend :-).

And today’s post makes the trilogy complete.

Apparently this last epiphany was a trilogy.  Who knew?  But anyway, here's part three. Next up, a few excerpts from the works in progress, some events and such.  Oh yeah, I'm making moves now.  Let's Do This! 🙂

Going for the brass ring

I was sleepy about an hour ago.  My eye lids were drooping and I was snuggled in my nest, wrapped in my jammies, all ready to call it a night. But then it happened.  A good movie, a good friend on the phone, and my earlier excitement seeped in just enough to kick the Z-monster in … Continue reading Going for the brass ring

Stepping back into reality (a sort of Happy Father’s Day)

One thing about virtual travel, you can come back "home" whenever you need to.  And today, I needed to step away from my virtual vacation and talk baggage.  Not bags that are filled with fun souvenirs picked up from virtual travels abroad.  No, this is baggage of the emotional kind.  I want to talk about … Continue reading Stepping back into reality (a sort of Happy Father’s Day)

I’m Batman (finally explained) and other Random News

I sold a story for inclusion in an anthology.  That simple sentence doesn’t convey the confidence and well , JOY, I’m feeling at this moment.  Granted, it’s one story and not for a lot of money.  And well, I do have two books in print, a third one on the way, all three of which … Continue reading I’m Batman (finally explained) and other Random News

Leaping First (companion piece to Bass Ackwards post)

I write without plot outlines, character sketches, or research.  I live life much the same way.  I do things without forethought, no real planning.  I leap without fear into many an abyss.  I’m not a religious person; I don’t subscribe to any one doctrine.  I do believe in a universal force of nature.  Fate, karma, … Continue reading Leaping First (companion piece to Bass Ackwards post)

Positively Challenged

As a writer (which for me is the same as anyone else saying, "as a human") words are as much a part of me as the blood that flows through my veins.  I believe in their power.  The sentiments I've expressed, the situations I've gone through recently, all presented to the world via Facebook, this … Continue reading Positively Challenged