I’m About to be on a watch list.

And granted, I'm not the most politically savvy person on the planet. Hell, I've given up social media, television, and news reports just so I could attempt to live a somewhat anxiety-lite existence. So no, I won't be spouting historical fact or linking to an encyclopedia of quotes and such supporting my belief at this … Continue reading I’m About to be on a watch list.

A Pleasant Exchange of Views

So very well written, and so spot on! Please check out this post by my fellow MAPW classmate.

Sebastian Gregory: On the Written Path

“You people are all the same,
all you do is whine and complain;
you won’t be satisfied until this
God fearing nation is reduced
to an insignificant nothingness.”
To which I replied,
“I know your kind,” he went on,
“You protested the war in Vietnam,
elected a half-breed Muslim president,
you want spics to be legal residents,
force good Christian bakers to make
gay or lesbian themed wedding cakes,
you tear down the Stars and Bars
and force us to drive electric cars.”
To which I replied,
“Fascinating. But…
is it possible that we are being divided
into camps so intensely one-sided
that what made America so great
is lost forever as we fiercely debate
what should top off a wedding cake?
We are told these issues are red
or blue, black or white, we are fed
an endless buffet of lies and deceits,
designed to deny us a…

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