Emily’s Ghost. Or. The Haunting of Emily Dobson

The results of another string of nights where sleep and I part company three or four times a night.  Toss in the odd nightmare and the fact that it's October - that frightfully fun time of year - and you get my brain conjuring up memories then turning them into snippets like this.   "Mummy! … Continue reading Emily’s Ghost. Or. The Haunting of Emily Dobson

Thunderstorms and Nightmares

First, the thunderstorms.  I woke to one playing around the atmosphere this AM at who-knows-what time.  I'd gotten to bed a little after ten and fell asleep almost immediately. Waking to the rumble of thunder stopped being scary in college when my depression was at its zenith or should that be at its nadir? --- … Continue reading Thunderstorms and Nightmares