2019 – The Year of My Desires

Sounds a touch erotic when you say it like that, eh? Or at least I hope it does. I hope hearing the word 'desire' arouses something in you. A longing for sensual adventures that indulge every physical and metaphysical sense you have. For me, desire is the acute, sharp, longing for satisfaction, Divine Connection, and … Continue reading 2019 – The Year of My Desires

Thought You Might Find This of Interest

Hey. A few days ago I asked you to reflect for a few moments on 2017 so far. Today, I’m announcing that registration is open for the first of two FREE 2018 planning sessions I’m hosting. Aptly titled, On Your Mark – this first workshop will help you articulate your goals. In other words, I’m […] … Continue reading Thought You Might Find This of Interest

Mid Month Review

  Whew, alright check this out. I've got three new writers to coach :-).  My workshop through Marietta Community School starts Tuesday. I'm so excited. Filming for the DIY Creator's Guild, 2016 begins next week as well. There will be short, monthly videos to explain the 8 main activities and the two primary tools that … Continue reading Mid Month Review