Return to Hell

Or as most might put it, I'm back on Facebook. Sigh.  Damn those marketing and promotion experts who stress the need for a social media presence, lol. For real, I've got two business pages and my author's page on Facebook. I'll be using those for promotions, advertising events, and just general expansion of my reach … Continue reading Return to Hell

Okay, now where was I?

Oh yes, so we left off with me explaining how my recent bout of anxiety attacks is none other than my Divinity giving me a "thunk on the head" that I need to do better with my mental / emotional health. I've let my empathy run me over and it's left me floundering in other … Continue reading Okay, now where was I?


Yesterday, between the hours of six and nine pm I did the following: upgraded this blog to a "personal" plan in order to transform it to a more proper Author's Blog (whatever the hell that is...) kicked my "satinsheetdiva" (oh, the follies of youth) name / persona to the curb, opting for the more author … Continue reading Ch…Ch….Ch…Changes

Did it Happen?

We're nine days in and I'm waiting for all these "new" people to show up.  The slogans were tossed about without any hesitation as they always are, "New Year, New You"...and the many variations.  Yet as I've gone about my days so far, I'm seeing a lot of the same, angry, afraid, zombies that I saw … Continue reading Did it Happen?

Random…but hope-FULL

A mortgage is rent with more responsibility (more on that later when I finally get around to the post about my not so new, new place). My Divinity is not based on any religious doctrine.  She is not Christian, did not come from a book...She is the very energy that ties me to the ebb … Continue reading Random…but hope-FULL