Killing multiple birds with a couple of stones.

I didn't bring my personal laptop to work today. Figured I'd be way busy processing arriving shipments.  I've got my characters whispering in my ear so there's some bits and pieces I need to write for my NaNo project. I don't want to use the company email or my company laptop to save them. My … Continue reading Killing multiple birds with a couple of stones.

Still reading, but now I’m writing too.

  Yeah, so on top of blazing through book #9 of the Hollows series (with #10 and then #15 of the Dresden Files series on stand-by, hopefully to be read before my library loan runs out), I'm strolling through day 3 of this year's NaNoWriMo.  As you can see by the word count number there … Continue reading Still reading, but now I’m writing too.

And the Winner Is…

NaNo-ites (NaNo-vians?) all over the world sent up a collective cheer as the refreshed NaNoWriMo site went live a few days ago. Since then, the interwebs has been a flutter with posts, status updates, tweets and such as writers took to updating their NaNo profiles.  I wasn't sure which novel I was going to attack … Continue reading And the Winner Is…

The ending comes together.

This isn't all of it, just the part that struck me as sort of funny so I wanted to share.  I'm gong to, of course, do some rewrites once the beta readers and my editor get a read through of the whole manuscript. It's just nice to finally have the lesson / ending in my … Continue reading The ending comes together.

So pleased to meet you.

Wow. I'm giddy! I was introduced to a new character on my drive home. She's thirty-eight years old, single, overweight, and about to have to face a demon (in the form of her rapist / uncle...I KNOW, I was just as upset as you are) from her childhood.   She chatted to me through the … Continue reading So pleased to meet you.

3:20 AM + Migraine = Random Posting

As is the norm, let's start first with being single.  I am told to be patient with myself as I continue to haunt his memory while  desiring to get over it already and get on with being happy and in love with myself.  In this case, I am 99% sure he is so not thinking … Continue reading 3:20 AM + Migraine = Random Posting