Well, there you go.

The Other Woman - 17,529 words Eat Prey Blood (still not sure if there should be a comma in there and if so, where to put it) - 15,684 words Design Your Life Program workbook - first finished draft, 6,931 words Those are the total words generated in each project I tackled in November (not … Continue reading Well, there you go.


NaNo 2015 - I'm struggling.  Between the two novels (The Other Woman, and Eat, Prey Blood), I'm on track. Unfortunately, on November 30th, I'm not going to combine the two in order to fudge a NaNo win. But - I want a finished 50K+ draft by November 30th. So, do I commit every evening this … Continue reading Words.

Book covers and other contemplations

Eat Prey Blood now has a book cover concept to go along with the very rough, very loose outline I have circling my thoughts.  It's pretty serious that I have a concrete title AND book cover idea in mind this early in the creative process. These things don't usually gel until well into the second … Continue reading Book covers and other contemplations

Almost makes me wish my Twitter account was active.

This one statement popped into my head at o'dark stupid this morning: Did you know the average American lives their entire life without dying? Yeah, I would have tweeted that. But, oh well. NaNo Word Count as of 11/7: 12,899.  Slow...but steady. My male characters seem a bit reluctant to share. Go figure. And of … Continue reading Almost makes me wish my Twitter account was active.

The Weird Ways People are Finding my Blog

Uh...yeah. Listen, I know I can be a little 'out there' with some of the things I say, do, think, and write. I'm not normally one to hold my tongue when I'm in a group of folks I'm moderately comfortable with so I get that some one may come to view me in a certain … Continue reading The Weird Ways People are Finding my Blog

Starting Over…AGAIN!

Stats for Nov. 3 NaNo Word Count: 1709 Body Fat: 36% Weight: 196.5 As it is with my NaNo project this year, so it is with my healthy living.  As I mentioned, my vacation earlier this fall threw me off track. While on vacation, I didn't do too badly; I tried to balance all of … Continue reading Starting Over…AGAIN!

Is it that time of year already?

OMG - how is it that NaNoWriMo season snuck up on me this year?  Oh that's right. Vacation! The email announcing that the 2015 NaNo site was up and open inspired three blog post drafts, lol. None of which included a novel idea for this year.  I've got several on the hard drive but I think … Continue reading Is it that time of year already?

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Thinking NaNo is a wash this year.  Yes, I know there's still time to kick my word count in the butt, that there's more than enough time in the days remaining to get 'er done, but as I wrote before, I'm really not feeling the push to "win" as I have in the past. My … Continue reading Should I or shouldn’t I?

Plot Bunny #2 – Tall, Dark, and Hungry

  He scanned for his last, clear memory. Hot chick, rave...too much to drink and that little blue pill Ronnie insisted wouldn't do much more than enhance the high from the alcohol.  Yeah. Right. So much for "enhanced".  The rest of the night was as dark as the space he found himself in. He knew … Continue reading Plot Bunny #2 – Tall, Dark, and Hungry

Plot Bunny #1 – I “should” be writing

  "What's that smell?" "Dog shit." "Oh my God. You're not going to..." "Well clutch the pearls at the very thought! Of course I'm not going to track dog shit onto your pristine wood floors. What kind of barbarian do you think I am?" "Are you mad at me?" "No. I'm mad at the fact … Continue reading Plot Bunny #1 – I “should” be writing