What the WHAT? Signs of Life

Hopefully this will bring a bit of wonderment and a smile to your day. Life always finds a way, eh? :-).  A bit of amazing from blogger Susie Lindau.

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

After traveling to Wisconsin twice over the last three weeks for funerals and memorial services, I woke up this morning with renewed energy and looked forward to “Birthday Week.” Wanting to catch up with writing and blogging, I planned to take care of a few errands first. Imagine my surprise when cleaning up the breakfast dishes. I discovered this in my garbage disposal.

plant in insinkerator

How could a plant germinate on the rubber shield? Three weeks ago, I donned rubber gloves and scrubbed that filthy thing with bleach. We don’t eat sprouts, so it had to be some kind of seed that stuck in the crack. A pumpkin seed?

Then a thought struck. My dad obsessed over the garbage disposal. He believed he could “dispose” of any leftovers including bones. I remember my teeth chattering and the whole house vibrating while a chicken leg gyrated around the drain. He drew a line…

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WTH? Spiders….AGAIN!

Wednesday - small spider on my desk about six inches from my hand. Have no idea when it got there or from which direction it came, but there it sat. Co-worker squished is as I did not have the heart, nor the desire to.  Despite the fact that my arachnophobia wouldn't have allowed me to … Continue reading WTH? Spiders….AGAIN!

A Regularly Scheduled Life

I don't know that I ever formally came to the conclusion that scheduling was the work of the devil, but at some point, probably during a move when I noticed the insane amount of half-filled in planners and calendars I had stacked about, I noticed how ineffective living by a schedule or rather, planning, was … Continue reading A Regularly Scheduled Life

Hmmmm, So That Didn’t Work Out as I’d Planned.

I would be laughing if I didn't still feel so blah. Don't know if you noticed this or not, but it's September 2nd. Which means I missed my release deadline by like, two weeks. What the hell? And just when my ankle seemed to be healing up, this nasal / sinus mess goes into high … Continue reading Hmmmm, So That Didn’t Work Out as I’d Planned.

I Don’t Know How to “Be” Sick

So, I've had this not quite sore throat every morning since last Sunday. I've had what could be fever and chills - but at 48, I consider all that part of the hot flash hell of this time of life, so no real telling if that's what's going on. I'd be willing to bet that … Continue reading I Don’t Know How to “Be” Sick

Rocks and Other Hard Places

I have found myself betwixt (love that word) some rather solid "objects" as of late. Situations where there are only evils to choose from. Situations that often start with, "I can't afford to do this but if I don't, the price I'll pay in the long run will kill my soul." I said earlier today … Continue reading Rocks and Other Hard Places

Random interlude – free flow

Not quite stream of consciousness, but unlike most of my posts where I've taken considerable time to shape an idea in Word, then run it through my inner edit, then spell checked it, then edited it again, then cut and paste it here in the blog, only to spell check it again, then run it … Continue reading Random interlude – free flow