The Plan

I have a tribe - a grouping of friends who share aspects of my eclectic nature, offer spot on advice, teach me things, and talk me off ledges. It's not a formal tribe by any means, most of them don't know the others exist but that's not necessary in order for this to work. I would … Continue reading The Plan

Letter from Camp

Dear Mom, Just a quick note from Camp NaNo. I've settled in. Haven't met anyone yet but it's only day two. I'm hopping by the end of the week, I'll have made a few new friends (check me out, satin_sheet_diva) . I got situated in my cabin Friday and immediately got busy tidying up the place … Continue reading Letter from Camp

And Just That Quick –

We have another winner! Our 5th t-shirt sold at 7:15 PM, EST 🙂  That buyer will receive signed copies of Let There Be Life and Aphrodite's Twin. Doing my happy dance and sending my heart felt thank you! So next milestone incentive  The person who purchases the 10th T-Shirt will receive a set of 18 … Continue reading And Just That Quick –

And the Winner is…

Rebekah has a blog here on WordPress as well.  Check her out at A Thicket of Musings.   Because she was the first one to purchase her shirt, she will receive signed copies of Breaking Point and Let There Be Life. The more Lia and I got to thinking about this, the more we wanted … Continue reading And the Winner is…

Never Fails

I have my writing all planned out for April, July (or June, I can never remember when the second Camp NaNo is held), and November. I know which stories I'm going to focus on getting finished.  All is right with the world. And then this happens. I am over run with plot bunnies. Almost four … Continue reading Never Fails

Tis the Season

Not only is Camp NaNo looming on the horizon, but so is my annual writing event at the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library in Denver, CO.   I'm once again presenting a condensed version of my writer's coaching program. How to Write and Publish a Book in 6 Months or Less. If you're in or are going … Continue reading Tis the Season

My Comfort Zone

In my mind it looks like this but with more books, a tricked out computer set up, a really comfy couch, king sized bed, and a chef's kitchen complete with a chef: My Soul, however, sees my comfort zone like this: I've ventured outside of my CZ... (interesting, the initials also stand for cubic zarconia … Continue reading My Comfort Zone