Last of the Spider Posts :-)

Finally got up the nerve to do a Google (remember back when we used to say, "do a little research"?) and here's why the eight legged critters are featuring so prominently in my life these days. The Symbolism of Spiders Go. Figure.  :-).  Under these circumstances, I suppose I will attempt to squelch my fear … Continue reading Last of the Spider Posts 🙂

The Day I Became a Woman

HA! Yeah, no, I'm not about to tell you the heart warming tale of the day I "lost" my virginity - why do we use that particular word, "lost"?  I didn't misplace it, or put it down somewhere and forget where I'd left it.  Hmmm. Anyway, my first sexual encounter was hardly epic enough to … Continue reading The Day I Became a Woman

Interlude (and this time, I’ll let it stay posted)

It's just day three of my positivity challenge.  I have to work at it; work at not focusing on the past or future but instead paying close attention to the here / now.  While I was involved in one such exercise, the following random statements were uttered by one of my inner voices.  I'm going … Continue reading Interlude (and this time, I’ll let it stay posted)