No buts, no bullshit.

Awhile back I posted a question in my FB status that asked something like, "What is the one thing you want / accomplishment you'd like to make that when reached or obtained, it would fill you with joy?"  I may have gotten one response and it wasn't an answer to the question. Come to think … Continue reading No buts, no bullshit.

It’s about making room for my Muse to do His thing…

Part of healing involves getting passed your past. I didn't do a Father's Day post because my dad was a ghost of sorts.  My ex-husband, while a large part of my daughter's life now wasn't exactly present while we were married.  I didn't have strong, father figures in my childhood, so no tributes on my … Continue reading It’s about making room for my Muse to do His thing…

I’m not just twiddling my thumbs,

but I'm not really writing either.  This is the summer of transformation I do believe.  I finished Breaking Point and my Muse seems to have gone on vacation.  I don't blame Him, we worked hard to get through Breaking Point and it would appear we both needed a break. Instead of just idling though, I've … Continue reading I’m not just twiddling my thumbs,

Going for the brass ring

I was sleepy about an hour ago.  My eye lids were drooping and I was snuggled in my nest, wrapped in my jammies, all ready to call it a night. But then it happened.  A good movie, a good friend on the phone, and my earlier excitement seeped in just enough to kick the Z-monster in … Continue reading Going for the brass ring

How Crazy is This?

30 Days in London So, the dream was to have packed it all in, having made enough money to leave the states behind for a thirty-day “vacation” in London, UK.  I was going to find a quaint little flat just outside the city proper (to help cut down on cost) and then spend my time … Continue reading How Crazy is This?

Unofficial Post – Still on hiatus

It's January 1st, 2012.  I have to admit, I've been looking forward to this day for a couple of weeks now.  Not because I subscribe to the whole, New Year hoopla - you know, the one where people set resolutions, make promises to let go and "let God"...that hope springs eternal at the promise of … Continue reading Unofficial Post – Still on hiatus