On the First Day of Halloween…

The shine and sparkle of the holiday season wore off for me long about my 12th year on the planet. It was around that time that I realized the holidaze (Thanksgiving and Christmas) were being sold not celebrated. It began to be all about how much food people could consume and how much money was … Continue reading On the First Day of Halloween…

So, here we are

Hmmmm.  Here we are, the start of another year.  I was thinking I should post something profound and highly poetic in honor of the new year but well, profound and highly poetic are definitely not words I would use to describe my writing. Moving and transformative maybe, but those other three - uh, yeah...not so … Continue reading So, here we are

Bloody Hell (stolen from a fav British movie)

OMG!  I’m not even sure where to begin.  I mean…WOW.  First off, the flight was totally mellow. The food on international flights is delish.  I, of course, fell instantly asleep after eating.  Having not slept the night before helped tremendously.  I woke up about seven this morning, that would be 2:00 AM, EST.  We were … Continue reading Bloody Hell (stolen from a fav British movie)

Last minute travel

It's that Bass Ackwards / Leap of Faith thing at work again.  I haven't thought much about this since the last post, but just this morning, I decided I'm going to take my "virtual" leave of absence to London, England after all.  As you read the coming month's posts, I want you to suspend reality along … Continue reading Last minute travel