Well, Shit.

Yeah, it's about that time. You know, that time when you look around you and all that comes to mind, is "Well, shit...." usually followed by a, "this isn't what I wanted", "this isn't where I expected to be", or a, "this sucks." Once it's out in the open, once you acknowledge that the time … Continue reading Well, Shit.

Well Obviously, Something’s GOT to Change.

Day 1: weight: 196 lbs body fat: 36.7% waist: 38" hips: 48" Day 8: weight: 196.4 lbs body fat: 36.9% waist: 38" hips: 46" Day 15: weight:  199 lbs body fat: 36.5% waist: 38" hips: 46.5" Starting to feel as if my efforts are perhaps, being thwarted... Let's check the stats shall we?   Ah … Continue reading Well Obviously, Something’s GOT to Change.