“The fact that so many people today are depressed…”

"...is a sign that something's WRONG"  (emphasis is mine).  Quote from Marianne Williamson on an old episode of Marie Forlio TV. I'm trying y'all, I really am...and this showed up. Thank you Universe, Goddess, God, Buddha, the Ancestors, et. al.


Overwhelmed. So I haven't done much writing. Not on the blog or my July NaNo.  SIGH! So, I'm just going to leave this here. It repeats and seems to be sped up somewhat, but it's cute (to me at least) none the less. A couple of 'em are a touch on the sexist / size-ist … Continue reading Sigh


I'm on week one of my 2nd Nerd Fitness Challenge, week two of my own Life/Fitness Challenge; the Eight Week Challenge on The Caffeinated Writer is in week three and has some new participants (check them out via links found here). In lieu of all this "challenging" going on, I am looking at some key … Continue reading Accountability

Let’s Try This Again.

So, my first four week fitness / life challenge comes to a close this evening. I called it The Force Awakens (yeah, I thought it was cute at the time; definitely proved to be overly optimistic, not to mention wildly out of order). Anyway, about mid-way through, The Empire struck Back and I lost my … Continue reading Let’s Try This Again.

My Great Loves

This struck me awhile back and made me wonder how many people in the world get to say that they were able to find some type of closure with the great loves / mega crushes of their pasts? I was able to do that with four of my five and quite frankly, I find that … Continue reading My Great Loves

Yup That’s Me…

My older sister.  She was mom's right hand as I was growing up, once the folks separated / divorced. It was drilled into my head that I was supposed to do what my sister told me to do when mom wasn't around. I grew up saying yes to her regardless of what I may have … Continue reading Yup That’s Me…

Lessons Learned and Learning

There is no changing the other; no protection from its wrath should it decided to turn its sites on you. Instead, prepare for the outcomes as best you can. That is the only way. Whether it's personal / intentionally directed at you or not is irrelevant. Wondering why is a waste of energy best spent … Continue reading Lessons Learned and Learning

What are you afraid of?

I'm in the midst of an audio course and this question was today's topic. I sat and thought about it. I sat still as the obvious answers, those trite replies that always come up at the first utterance of 'fear' or 'afraid', sprang forth with the flair of a 4th of July fireworks display . … Continue reading What are you afraid of?

It’s Not Because I Don’t Care

Often I read someone's blog post and it gives me chills. I shiver at the memories their words evoke in me, I tremble slightly as the epic-ness of what they're going through rocks through me. I had one such blogger dude whose struggle with alcohol and depression was so eloquently, honestly, poetically expressed in his … Continue reading It’s Not Because I Don’t Care

Prepare to be in pain.

Does any of this sound familiar? This is going to hurt. It's going to be uncomfortable and I'm going to be embarrassed. I'm going to fail, I'm going to make mistakes.  I'm going to be in pain some of the time.  There may be tears, and most certainly frustration. Some may try to sabotage, others … Continue reading Prepare to be in pain.