My Prayer

Let me just put this out there: Sending my wish / prayer that your deepest desires are fulfilled in 2018. Thanking you profusely for reading my posts, for every like, and for interacting with me in the comments. Holding space for hope, positive change, and healing the world over. With love and LIGHT, Happy 2018! … Continue reading My Prayer

Something Different

Newer isn't always better, but there is something to be said for starting off in something shiny and unused. And unlike the ever changing face of WordPress - a site that has taken revamp to a whole new level - I don't just want to switch up the color scheme.  I want to start over.  … Continue reading Something Different

I’ll tell you what you DON’T need…the GIFT idea processing continues.

And that's another freakin' self-help book. No more work sheets, no more vision exercises. Those items have their place for sure, but at this point, I've read so many they're all starting to blend together in my mind. If you've done one "close your eyes and envision your best life", you've done them all. My … Continue reading I’ll tell you what you DON’T need…the GIFT idea processing continues.

Things I Left in 2014

Used to be a bit of a tradition amongst my friends and I that come new year's eve, we'd do a burning. All the things, people, situations and such we wanted to leave in the old year would be written down on a piece of paper then burned at the stroke of midnight, thus ushering … Continue reading Things I Left in 2014

Halfway to Nowheresville

Revelations in love and life - Actions speak louder than words. I have not because I DO not. In other words, I have been giving a lot of lip service to my goals, core desired feelings, book marketing, etc.  I'm good at talking but as evidenced by my ever-expanding waist line, my consistently short bank … Continue reading Halfway to Nowheresville

Walking the Walk

So many other clichés come to mind - practicing what you preach, take care of your own back yard before you tell someone else how to take care of theirs, etc.  They all mean the same thing, take care of your own business first.  I want to confess, I've been doing a lot of "do … Continue reading Walking the Walk

Ready? Set…

Well, I still have two plans to finalize before midnight tonight as tomorrow marks the first day of WORK on this year's achievements. I've got all but my Coaching marketing and my finance plans in place. Good thing I cancelled cable a week ago, eliminated a major distraction in doing so, which gives me more … Continue reading Ready? Set…

Wait, what? It’s almost February?

Man, all the old adages come to mind about time flying and such, but what it boils down to is, it's almost February. Which is kind of cool :-).  You see, I gave myself the ENTIRE month of January to plot, plan, scheme, and dream.  The idea was to give myself plenty of time to … Continue reading Wait, what? It’s almost February?

Setbacks aren’t what they used to be

Ah, The Satin Sheet Diva Experience - the act of creation involves a certain amount of destruction.  I was surprised at first, when a bit of destruction showed up in my life.  It came in the opening line on a piece of paper that was no doubt, mass-produced, and not aimed at hurting my feelings … Continue reading Setbacks aren’t what they used to be