Do you have a minute?

I'm feeling particularly lonely this evening and would love to have some company.  You see, there's been an extra lot of suffering in the world today; a lot of death reported. The shootings at Ft. Hood in particular call to mind how one such love of my life could be taken from me and I'd … Continue reading Do you have a minute?

Beta Test – Module One

Not sure if you know this or not, but I'm working on my next writing project. It's a departure for me in that its non-fiction and there-fore is inspiring a different writing style than I'm used to. I am one of those writers who is led by my characters during the drafting phase - they … Continue reading Beta Test – Module One

Time to take it all off.

  It's that time of the month again. Time to go to the salon and get the wig flipped. As is usual, as of late, I am contemplating what would happen if I dropped the pretense that fake hair affords me.  What would happen if I stopped wearing wigs / weaves totally.  I would like … Continue reading Time to take it all off.

An Ordinary Life

That song played three times in the span of two hours last night leaving behind an "ear worm" that I woke to this morning, which then lead to the ponderances in this post.   What if I'm meant to live an ordinary life?  Then all this striving to become a world renown author and a … Continue reading An Ordinary Life

Walking the Walk

So many other clichés come to mind - practicing what you preach, take care of your own back yard before you tell someone else how to take care of theirs, etc.  They all mean the same thing, take care of your own business first.  I want to confess, I've been doing a lot of "do … Continue reading Walking the Walk

Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest, 2014 – This one’s for YOU!

Think of yourself naked.  Or, if you're somewhere you can do so and not be arrested, get naked and look at yourself in a mirror.  If you're like most women I know, you cringed at the thought and absolutely refused to do the act. All your (perceived) physical flaws reared their "ugly" heads; that inner … Continue reading Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest, 2014 – This one’s for YOU!

Rest stop.

This started off as a post bemoaning being single.  How it’s tiring to have to make all the decisions, carry all the responsibility, and have no one to step in and be strong when you need / want to be weak.  All of this stemmed from having done what I thought was accurate budget planning … Continue reading Rest stop.


What's Love Got to do With it? What is Love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt more. Love in an Elevator. Love Stinks - yeah, yeah. You Give Love a Bad Name. I could do this for hours - writing down the names of songs I know and like with the word "love" in … Continue reading Love.

Ready? Set…

Well, I still have two plans to finalize before midnight tonight as tomorrow marks the first day of WORK on this year's achievements. I've got all but my Coaching marketing and my finance plans in place. Good thing I cancelled cable a week ago, eliminated a major distraction in doing so, which gives me more … Continue reading Ready? Set…

Wait, what? It’s almost February?

Man, all the old adages come to mind about time flying and such, but what it boils down to is, it's almost February. Which is kind of cool :-).  You see, I gave myself the ENTIRE month of January to plot, plan, scheme, and dream.  The idea was to give myself plenty of time to … Continue reading Wait, what? It’s almost February?