Lessons Learned and Learning

There is no changing the other; no protection from its wrath should it decided to turn its sites on you. Instead, prepare for the outcomes as best you can. That is the only way. Whether it's personal / intentionally directed at you or not is irrelevant. Wondering why is a waste of energy best spent … Continue reading Lessons Learned and Learning

Life and its Lemons

Taxes done - I owe $3,940 to the feds and $79 to the state.  Guess who has to put off her Day One of training, as well as several other activities and purchases she had planned for the spring? I'm freaking out at having to put off the training. I feel guilty for some reason; … Continue reading Life and its Lemons

Premature E-Launch-ulation

I've got it bad. My penchant for jumping first and looking...eventually, tends to put me in situations where I've over promised and then fail to deliver. It's not as embarrassing as it should be, I mean, if it were, I'd quit doing it. But then again, I'm grateful that I have yet to get into … Continue reading Premature E-Launch-ulation

What are you afraid of?

I'm in the midst of an audio course and this question was today's topic. I sat and thought about it. I sat still as the obvious answers, those trite replies that always come up at the first utterance of 'fear' or 'afraid', sprang forth with the flair of a 4th of July fireworks display . … Continue reading What are you afraid of?

So Much for the “New” Year

Yeah, no...I'm not giving up on 2016 already, lol.  I'm just noticing that once January ends, the "new" will have worn off, taking quite a bit of the excitement, inspiration, and motivation to get all this @#$^ done with it. Of course, my initial focus is on all the things I said I wanted to … Continue reading So Much for the “New” Year

Prepare to be in pain.

Does any of this sound familiar? This is going to hurt. It's going to be uncomfortable and I'm going to be embarrassed. I'm going to fail, I'm going to make mistakes.  I'm going to be in pain some of the time.  There may be tears, and most certainly frustration. Some may try to sabotage, others … Continue reading Prepare to be in pain.

Under Construction

So, going to do a little tinkering with the blog this afternoon and evening as I get things situated for the new year of activity. At some point, I'm also going to have a technical wizard wave their magic wand and turn this blog into my one and only website from which I will have … Continue reading Under Construction

Baby Steps – What a Concept (now that I understand how to apply it, lol)

Seriously, I've been hearing people use the "baby steps" analogy to achieving goals for years (and years, and um...years.  I'm almost 50 you know 🙂 ) but until this year I'm not quite sure I got it. I mean, yes, it's obvious they're saying to take little, short in length, tip-toe type steps to reach … Continue reading Baby Steps – What a Concept (now that I understand how to apply it, lol)

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

But Words Can Damn Near Kill Me. I wonder what was going on at the time the original diddy was written? If you were born before the 80's, I bet your parents would often have you repeat the original rhyme when, as a wee little tot, there was that mean kid at school calling you ugly … Continue reading Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

Speaking of Starving Artists

Hi everyone.  My name is Dana Ellington, and I'm a Starving Artist.  (*sits down with a sigh*) Yes my friends, despite having a steady nine to five, I am a Starving Artist.  Much to my shame / embarrassment / guilt, it's time to be completely honest and admit I don't know how to run a business. … Continue reading Speaking of Starving Artists