Camp Journal, Day 13

Passed a milestone on the trail today. According to the sign post, I've just entered the halfway mark up the trail, give or take a step or two (word count 22,074).┬á Slow and steady, it feels good to be making such progress. (stepping out of my pretend world for a minute, it has been "a … Continue reading Camp Journal, Day 13

And Just That Quick –

We have another winner! Our 5th t-shirt sold at 7:15 PM, EST ­čÖé┬á That buyer will receive signed copies of Let There Be Life and Aphrodite's Twin. Doing my happy dance and sending my heart felt thank you! So next milestone incentive┬á The person who purchases the 10th T-Shirt will receive a set of 18 … Continue reading And Just That Quick –

And the Winner is…

Rebekah has a blog here on WordPress as well. ┬áCheck her out at A Thicket of Musings.   Because she was the first one to purchase her shirt, she will receive signed copies of Breaking Point and Let There Be Life. The more Lia and I got to thinking about this, the more we wanted … Continue reading And the Winner is…

Manifestation – if you believe in that sort of thing.

I believe it was two years ago that I began telling people at work that I was going to be gone for two weeks on my dream vacation to London. At the time, I had zero dollars in savings, maybe a buck-fifty in my checking account, a seemingly insurmountable amount of debt, and a parcel … Continue reading Manifestation – if you believe in that sort of thing.