12 of 40 – Do you trust me?

Go here. I've really wandered loose, eh?  What has it been, three days in a row of no posts? I wish I could say it was because I was knee deep in my Camp NaNo project or neck deep in editing AT and TOW but alas, I was lost in my own head, swimming through … Continue reading 12 of 40 – Do you trust me?

How do you stop the bleeding?

Not how one wishes to be awakened from a semi-doze.  Not under any circumstances. Yet there I was, having just realized I was awake (damned, weird, sleep patterns) when my daughter opens my door and says, "I don't want to disturb you but I was wondering if you know how to stop the blood from … Continue reading How do you stop the bleeding?

Most Awesome :-)

I won 🙂 Thank you, Lacey - author of the blog, BigandPinkeyToes - not only for the award but for the scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich recipes you've been posting lately ;-). Before I get to the question part of my acceptance, I'd like to go ahead and post the five blogs I nominate.  You'll definitely … Continue reading Most Awesome 🙂

My Great Loves

This struck me awhile back and made me wonder how many people in the world get to say that they were able to find some type of closure with the great loves / mega crushes of their pasts? I was able to do that with four of my five and quite frankly, I find that … Continue reading My Great Loves

Speaking of Spiders and other things…

Yeah, seriously - not sure what the Universe is trying to tell me but spiders have shown up big in my world these past few weeks. There's one living on my front stoop in the space between a post and the top of the little easement that covers the front stoop. It's nocturnal (a vampiric … Continue reading Speaking of Spiders and other things…