Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

I'm not sure how long it's been since I cut the Facebook and Twitter social media cords.  Maybe a year and some change now, could be two years.  I've recently cut my Yahoo news feed as well. I got rid of TV at the house a year and some change ago as well. I don't … Continue reading Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

Like a Rat in a Maze

I recently read an article that opened my eyes wider to just how manipulative the algorithms are on Facebook.  I'm guessing similar extra long math equations are also used to determine what ads show up on the side panes of almost ALL the sites I find myself traversing on the internet.  As I was reading … Continue reading Like a Rat in a Maze

Getting back to Marketing

The restructuring has begun.  First step - the new and "improved" business page.  If you're on Facebook, please look for and 'like' Nowata Press.  Same great writing, but now with more events, activities and news, to come. Looking forward to making this a break out year for Nowata Press and the talented folks who are … Continue reading Getting back to Marketing