An Ordinary Life

That song played three times in the span of two hours last night leaving behind an "ear worm" that I woke to this morning, which then lead to the ponderances in this post.   What if I'm meant to live an ordinary life?  Then all this striving to become a world renown author and a … Continue reading An Ordinary Life

Off the cuff again.

The images come to me and there isn't time to process them through Word; pretty them up before posting.  This one was born of the unsettled feeling I woke up with.  A sense that something is amiss, or coming, or....I don't know.  It's an anxiety attack based on something rattling around in my subconscious so … Continue reading Off the cuff again.

Rough drafting – the writing process through my mind

My life is so reflected in my writing, and vice versa.  This has really been some weird times for me.  It was a shock to be jolted from my numbness into full-blown emotional upheaval but now that I'm here, I don't know what to do.  Drinking doesn't solve anything.  In fact, it quite often leads … Continue reading Rough drafting – the writing process through my mind

Somewhat related to my writing…sort of.

Every now and again, I will post something that's circling around in my mind (the voices can get active and push me to the keyboard).  It may or may not have anything to do with writing, but I hope those of you who are following, and those of you new to my posts, will humor … Continue reading Somewhat related to my writing…sort of.