One down, seven more to go.

Picture this, I'm drunk, dressed in something cute with my high heels on, burning up the dance floor with all kinds of enthusiasm for roughly four to five songs in a row, with maybe a break as I switch dance partners, go to the bar for a rest and some water, or make a quick … Continue reading One down, seven more to go.

Tis that season too.

It was around this time last year that I won the FitBit Flex through a contest at work. I quickly got caught up in tracking my steps, my calories, my weight and my body fat percentage. I started walking for exercise - taking breaks during the work day to stroll the perimeter of the business … Continue reading Tis that season too.

Independence Day – Hooorah!

Good googly - it's the 4th of July already? Most awesome. What better way to kick off my 48th trip around the sun than with pretty explosives? How about hitting my 10K step goal twice since the new month began? Or managing to drink ALL the water I'm supposed to have?¬† Now, granted, I've gone … Continue reading Independence Day – Hooorah!

Things I saw while “exercising” and overcoming excuses

I don't have my sneakers. Yeah, but I'm still wearing shoes that won't cause me any significant damage should I get off my butt and take a stroll around the office complex. Besides, I've been sitting in this chair, staring at my computer screen for who knows how long. How much more damage can I … Continue reading Things I saw while “exercising” and overcoming excuses