Routineous Interuptus

"Routineous Interuptus", a.k.a., VACATION!  :-).  I had one recently. Twelve days in which I lived a five to six-hour difference in time from my mainstay; food that while may have matched my usual fare in appearance, dang sure didn't match in terms of ingredients, how it was prepared, the quantities in which I normally consume … Continue reading Routineous Interuptus

Places to go.

London for two nights, then off to Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, Venice, Florence, Lugano, Lucerne, then Paris, for two nights. To say I'm stoked would be a gross understatement. I get to add to my "dream destinations I've actually visited" list!  In 2011, I found myself in Athens, Greece; I toured temples and things I'd fallen in … Continue reading Places to go.