Stephen King

I am going to see my all time FAVORITE author in the whole world since Dr. Maya Angelou - MR. Stephen, "gave me nightmares for most of my life" King!!! He's going to be in Nashville in June and I will be there!!!  Now of course, he's speaking to an auditorium full of people so … Continue reading Stephen King

Camp Journal, Day 13

Passed a milestone on the trail today. According to the sign post, I've just entered the halfway mark up the trail, give or take a step or two (word count 22,074).  Slow and steady, it feels good to be making such progress. (stepping out of my pretend world for a minute, it has been "a … Continue reading Camp Journal, Day 13

The Plan

I have a tribe - a grouping of friends who share aspects of my eclectic nature, offer spot on advice, teach me things, and talk me off ledges. It's not a formal tribe by any means, most of them don't know the others exist but that's not necessary in order for this to work. I would … Continue reading The Plan

This so spoke to (about) me today, thought I should share.

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” – Stephen King We all have times in our lives where we feel anxious, but then there come the tumultuous periods where our anxiety morphs into crippling self-doubt and fear. Suddenly we’re kids again, lined up in gym class, waiting to be chosen for a team.… via … Continue reading This so spoke to (about) me today, thought I should share.

Yup That’s Me…

My older sister.  She was mom's right hand as I was growing up, once the folks separated / divorced. It was drilled into my head that I was supposed to do what my sister told me to do when mom wasn't around. I grew up saying yes to her regardless of what I may have … Continue reading Yup That’s Me…

Typos – another Indie Published Author lament

Why is it that I don't see typos until they're in print? And even then, I seem to miss them until AFTER they've been published. I periodically go back and re-read blog posts. Especially if a post has garnered several views, I'll click on it and read it again.  And it never fails, I will … Continue reading Typos – another Indie Published Author lament

Getting Ready for Camp

Well, not just Camp but 2016 NaNo-palooza :-).  Going to participate in all three NaNo's this year: Camp NaNo (April 1 - 30) = The Other Woman (TBReleased Sept. 23rd, 2016).  This puts me on a tight production schedule. 30 days to finish the draft - I'm shooting for 65K total words; three months to … Continue reading Getting Ready for Camp

Comfort Zone – the Continuing Exploration Beyond

First tentative steps beyond the borders of my Comfort Zone: DIY Program & Creator's Guild launch. - the program was by no means ready but I "launched" it anyway. Long live my Bass-Ackwards approach to life and living, especially when it comes to business. Just have to be sure to temper it with some good sense … Continue reading Comfort Zone – the Continuing Exploration Beyond

By Day…

I'm a mild mannered human-BEing busy doing what needs to be done. You know, the mundane, day-to-day minutiae that makes up an ordinary life. But by night (and by night I mean as soon as I leave my day job), I'm a fanged super operative, code name: Onyx Butterfly (don't worry, I won't have to … Continue reading By Day…

Embraceable – A Quick Chat with August McLaughlin

Valentine's Day. You're told that much like Christmas, the best way to show your love is to shower your special someone with gifts and attention. That's all well and good, but when was the last time you were told to do that for yourself? Women especially are taught how to show others love, but there's … Continue reading Embraceable – A Quick Chat with August McLaughlin