Rocks and Other Hard Places

I have found myself betwixt (love that word) some rather solid "objects" as of late. Situations where there are only evils to choose from. Situations that often start with, "I can't afford to do this but if I don't, the price I'll pay in the long run will kill my soul." I said earlier today … Continue reading Rocks and Other Hard Places

Things I Left in 2014

Used to be a bit of a tradition amongst my friends and I that come new year's eve, we'd do a burning. All the things, people, situations and such we wanted to leave in the old year would be written down on a piece of paper then burned at the stroke of midnight, thus ushering … Continue reading Things I Left in 2014

side note – please respond

So, my first self-help deal didn't pan out.  I had beta-testers lined up, survey responses compiled, then only one person followed through.  I abandoned the project after two months, sad that I didn't get nearly the level of response I had hoped for. But the desire to uplift / connect / be a positive influence … Continue reading side note – please respond

If I believed in Soul Mates

(a bit of fiction based on a whole lot of reality) My husband is over six feet tall, by about two inches or so. Probably weighs about 5 or six pounds over what he’d like to, but is still physically attractive to me – it’s the broad shoulders and muscled arms that get me every … Continue reading If I believed in Soul Mates

Bass Ackwards – still after all these years.

I've never had an easy time of telling when it was time to let something go. I tend to hold on to things way past their expiration date - things like feelings, people who aren't necessarily "good" for me, situations or jobs that are detrimental to my self growth; goals and dreams that I don't … Continue reading Bass Ackwards – still after all these years.

Is it really “hard” or is it that I just don’t want to do it?

(Mod One, day six) Today's contemplation - what do I really mean by "this is hard?"  As in difficult to accomplish.  Is it that the task I'm talking about is really difficult for me to do or is it more that I don't want to do it?  Claiming that something is intrinsically problematic or strenuous highlights … Continue reading Is it really “hard” or is it that I just don’t want to do it?

Welcome Home

The alarm went off at seven a.m.  She turned it off with eyes closed, a smile sitting comfortably on her lips.  It was April 17th. He was coming home. She had twelve hours to finish getting things in order. At least she'd have a lot to keep herself busy. It would make the time go … Continue reading Welcome Home

Time to take it all off.

  It's that time of the month again. Time to go to the salon and get the wig flipped. As is usual, as of late, I am contemplating what would happen if I dropped the pretense that fake hair affords me.  What would happen if I stopped wearing wigs / weaves totally.  I would like … Continue reading Time to take it all off.

Walking the Walk

So many other clichés come to mind - practicing what you preach, take care of your own back yard before you tell someone else how to take care of theirs, etc.  They all mean the same thing, take care of your own business first.  I want to confess, I've been doing a lot of "do … Continue reading Walking the Walk