Bass Ackwards – still after all these years.

I've never had an easy time of telling when it was time to let something go. I tend to hold on to things way past their expiration date - things like feelings, people who aren't necessarily "good" for me, situations or jobs that are detrimental to my self growth; goals and dreams that I don't … Continue reading Bass Ackwards – still after all these years.

Is it really “hard” or is it that I just don’t want to do it?

(Mod One, day six) Today's contemplation - what do I really mean by "this is hard?"  As in difficult to accomplish.  Is it that the task I'm talking about is really difficult for me to do or is it more that I don't want to do it?  Claiming that something is intrinsically problematic or strenuous highlights … Continue reading Is it really “hard” or is it that I just don’t want to do it?

Do you have a minute?

I'm feeling particularly lonely this evening and would love to have some company.  You see, there's been an extra lot of suffering in the world today; a lot of death reported. The shootings at Ft. Hood in particular call to mind how one such love of my life could be taken from me and I'd … Continue reading Do you have a minute?

Beta Test – Module One

Not sure if you know this or not, but I'm working on my next writing project. It's a departure for me in that its non-fiction and there-fore is inspiring a different writing style than I'm used to. I am one of those writers who is led by my characters during the drafting phase - they … Continue reading Beta Test – Module One

Hey – how ya doing?

So, here it is Saturday, and I'm taking a break from inventory (yes, at work) to jot a few lines.  I'll head off to grab some lunch, then come back and do my physical count.  After that, it's data entry, sending of the reports and I'm out to enjoy what will be left of the … Continue reading Hey – how ya doing?

3:20 AM + Migraine = Random Posting

As is the norm, let's start first with being single.  I am told to be patient with myself as I continue to haunt his memory while  desiring to get over it already and get on with being happy and in love with myself.  In this case, I am 99% sure he is so not thinking … Continue reading 3:20 AM + Migraine = Random Posting

Wondering where this came from.

Does the remembered sound of my voice still cause those ripples of sensation along your spine?  You said it, that I'm sexy when I cum.  Well, I'm cumming now; back arched, legs spread and bent at the knees. Eye's blissfully shut, as ecstasy shapes my lips in a pouty circle. Breathy moans roll across my lips. "Mom!" … Continue reading Wondering where this came from.

Excuse me, may I have your attention please?

I was settled into my bed, on time for a change, ready to drift into sweet slumber when one of my personalities got into a tizzy.  She had something to get off her chest that she wanted you to read.  I'd say its got a PG-16 rating on it.  Very suggestive, but not necessarily strictly … Continue reading Excuse me, may I have your attention please?

I’m Easy Like Sunday Morning,

But my Muse had other plans. Click to read the  New Blog Post.  Have a great rest of the weekend :-).

And today’s post makes the trilogy complete.

Apparently this last epiphany was a trilogy.  Who knew?  But anyway, here's part three. Next up, a few excerpts from the works in progress, some events and such.  Oh yeah, I'm making moves now.  Let's Do This! 🙂