Excuse me, do you have a minute?

Sitting here bracing for tropical storm Irma and of course, working on my business. This morning I've got my business owner hat on and am working on some to-do's for the lifestyle coaching I do via The Next Chapter. If you've got a minute (and I didn't send you the survey link via email), please … Continue reading Excuse me, do you have a minute?

26 Days and Counting

I'm going to have two titles for sale at the AJC Decatur Book Festival this year!! I've signed up to be included in the Emerging Authors tent (scroll down, I'm in the 'E's).  I didn't get a speaking time this year as it's my first year and I want to get a feel for how … Continue reading 26 Days and Counting

Book covers and other contemplations

Eat Prey Blood now has a book cover concept to go along with the very rough, very loose outline I have circling my thoughts.  It's pretty serious that I have a concrete title AND book cover idea in mind this early in the creative process. These things don't usually gel until well into the second … Continue reading Book covers and other contemplations

Juggling is so NOT my strong suit

Picture each one of the following items as a ball, or in some cases, a really sharp object with the potential to slice me wide open should I mishandle it and you’ll have a general idea of what I’m “juggling” right now.   No transportation – alternator on truck dead; repair needed ASAP ($) Moving … Continue reading Juggling is so NOT my strong suit