The Plan

I have a tribe - a grouping of friends who share aspects of my eclectic nature, offer spot on advice, teach meĀ things, and talk me off ledges. It's not a formal tribe by any means, most of them don't know the others exist but that's not necessary in order for this to work. I would … Continue reading The Plan

And Just That Quick –

We have another winner! Our 5th t-shirt sold at 7:15 PM, EST šŸ™‚Ā  That buyer will receive signed copies of Let There Be Life and Aphrodite's Twin. Doing my happy dance and sending my heart felt thank you! So next milestone incentiveĀ  The person who purchases the 10th T-Shirt will receive a set of 18 … Continue reading And Just That Quick –

Premature E-Launch-ulation

I've got it bad. My penchant for jumping first and looking...eventually, tends to put me in situations where I've over promised and then fail to deliver. It's not as embarrassing as it should be, I mean, if it were, I'd quit doing it. But then again, I'm grateful that I have yet to get into … Continue reading Premature E-Launch-ulation

Rocky Starts are Still Starts

Ohhhh, that title sucks a bit, doesn't it? Oh well. It's still a title, eh? (see what I'm trying to do here?) Only one person of the five invitees showed up to last month's opening coaching session. I've since extended a broader invitation to others via the blog to get in on the launch. One … Continue reading Rocky Starts are Still Starts

1st Epiphany of 2016

*I am not making money from my writing / coaching because it is a business and I have convinced myself that I don't know how to manage a business, let alone know how to do any kind of business accounting. Therefore, when it's come to manifesting business revenue, I choke. Having had the light shine … Continue reading 1st Epiphany of 2016