Thought You Might Find This of Interest

Hey. A few days ago I asked you to reflect for a few moments on 2017 so far. Today, I’m announcing that registration is open for the first of two FREE 2018 planning sessions I’m hosting. Aptly titled, On Your Mark – this first workshop will help you articulate your goals. In other words, I’m […] … Continue reading Thought You Might Find This of Interest

Speaking of BuJo-ing with ADOSS

I knew there was something special about my attraction to the BuJo system. For those of you who hadn't seen my previous posts in this short series... Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 In case you're wondering, yes, I'm currently parked at Procrastination Station.  Guess who hasn't written anything … Continue reading Speaking of BuJo-ing with ADOSS

BuJo-ing w/ *ADOSS – Part 6

OMG - I had no intention of it taking this long to get this post posted.  Thanks to the move and complications at work, I had to put blogging on hold.  I should be back on something resembling a schedule as I've gone back to having internet at home, as well as...Heaven help me, cable … Continue reading BuJo-ing w/ *ADOSS – Part 6

BuJo-ing w *ADOSS – Part 5

Part One - click Part Two - click Part Three - click Part Four - click Accessories. Another spot where my ADOSS has edged me closer to madness. I wrote in my first BuJo with my favorite blue ink pen. Nothing fancy, it's a Paper Mate. Not sure of the model or tip size.  I … Continue reading BuJo-ing w *ADOSS – Part 5

BuJo-ing w *ADOSS – Part 4

Read Part One - here Read Part Two - here Read Part Three - here I had never heard of washi tape but the lovely women in the planner videos used it to enhance, color code, and just dress up their journals. At first, I bought a small roll of purple, glittery washi tape. I … Continue reading BuJo-ing w *ADOSS – Part 4

BuJo-ing with ADOSS, Part 3

You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here. As I'd mentioned, in June I joined the Nerd Fitness Academy. I liked the idea of having a definitive fitness program to follow as my half-assed attempts over the last few years hadn't netted any lasting or noticeable results in my physical appearance.  Anyway, of course … Continue reading BuJo-ing with ADOSS, Part 3

BuJo-ing with ADOSS, Part 2

See part one here. And then there was YouTube. Ellie had made mention in another post of the BuJo, that there was a Facebook community dedicated to the BuJo and other style planners as well as videos on YouTube.  Why, oh why did she point the way to that particular rabbit hole? The shiny was … Continue reading BuJo-ing with ADOSS, Part 2

BuJo-ing with *ADOSS, Part 1

(*Attention Deficit...ohhhh, something shiny) It started with a simple mention in a blog post. My writer friend Ellie Mack casually mentioned that she'd started using a Bullet Journal.  Her description of it piqued my interest. You see, I am a sucker for a planning system. I was a Franklin Covey addict for many a year, … Continue reading BuJo-ing with *ADOSS, Part 1

On My Mark, Getting Set…

Alright you guys, challenge starts tomorrow. And I can honestly say, I'm already freaking out a bit. You know why? I'm making changes in my lifestyle; attempting to establish new habits. Always a daunting task. I finally got my Fit Bit Aria scale linked to wi-fi and all. Stepped on it and uh, ouch, lol. … Continue reading On My Mark, Getting Set…