Paradigm shifts – They do exist!

I've been on a bit of a downward spiral since my birthday. A reaction to someone I consider important having not acknowledged my birthday. Yeah, I know. Not that big of a deal when you consider the bigger picture, but that one little thing dug in under my skin and much like the blood sucking, … Continue reading Paradigm shifts – They do exist!

Independence Day – Hooorah!

Good googly - it's the 4th of July already? Most awesome. What better way to kick off my 48th trip around the sun than with pretty explosives? How about hitting my 10K step goal twice since the new month began? Or managing to drink ALL the water I'm supposed to have?¬† Now, granted, I've gone … Continue reading Independence Day – Hooorah!

I Don’t Know “Who” I AM

What is it about my birthday this year that has me doing all of this contemplation? I don't remember going through this when I turned 30, or 40, or 45...but man, looking 48 in the face and all of a sudden I'm questioning almost every aspect of my existence. The things I used to use … Continue reading I Don’t Know “Who” I AM

Birthday Month – Kick Off post

To all the other June birthday babies who may be reading - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ¬†Hope you get your Google b-day wishes...not sure how I feel about the personalized deal myself, but it was nice to have the date I entered recognized by the cyber-bots. Anyway, even though I put in a bogus date on my … Continue reading Birthday Month – Kick Off post

“Reflections of…the way life used to be”

Don't remember the name of the song I got the title of today's post from, just remember it being sung by Diana Ross. I wasn't ever a fan of her signing, but having grown up with audiophiles, there was a LOT of music played in my life; I was born in the late 60's so … Continue reading “Reflections of…the way life used to be”