That Looks…Familiar

Another reason I’m becoming increasingly happy about publishing my own work :-). Now, while that doesn’t mean I won’t end up with covers that share some similarities with another, so far, I’m feeling very confident that what I’ve done so far is to this point, is unique to my work.

Romance Novels for the Beach

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Not exactly the easiest thing to follow through on. Let’s be honest, we all do it! That being said, thanks to my Kindle I don’t really pay attention to cover art that much anymore. Think about it. Even if I reach for the book I’m reading multiple times a day, all I’m seeing is my plain black Kindle case. Nothing special, no bells, no whistles. However, every now and again I’ll be browsing through romance book lists on Goodreads, and I’ll see something that looks a tad familiar.

clashThis isClash: A Legal Affairs Storyby Sawyer Bennett. I’ve seen it pop up a few times on a couple of different Goodreads lists. It’s about 2 people who initially hate each other, buthave enough sexual tension that they come together for some physical exertion between the sheets. I have not read this…

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Book Review – The Case of the Empty Killer by John C. Scott

It's not often I read something that leaves me with my mouth hanging open in frank surprise at the end.  I've seen a couple of movies that managed to drop my jaw at their incredible, "I didn't see that coming" moments but rarely have I had a book trigger that same response.  The Case of … Continue reading Book Review – The Case of the Empty Killer by John C. Scott

Book Review – Les Miserables, Part Deux

The ending.  Okay, so I was right there with all the human condition exploration; doing what's right even when it means you may be, oh, I dunno...arrested and thrown in the galleys.  But good googly, the heart wrenching last words; the barely making it to the death-bed with nothing but forgiveness and love.  Have to … Continue reading Book Review – Les Miserables, Part Deux

Book Review (Part One) – Les Miserables

Um, wow.  This is the first "classic" I've voluntarily read, ever. My Goodreads "read" shelf is chock full of other classic titles but believe me, had it not been for the English Lit classes I've taken over the years, most of those would have never caught my attention, let alone been read to the last … Continue reading Book Review (Part One) – Les Miserables