Starting Over…AGAIN!

Stats for Nov. 3 NaNo Word Count: 1709 Body Fat: 36% Weight: 196.5 As it is with my NaNo project this year, so it is with my healthy living.  As I mentioned, my vacation earlier this fall threw me off track. While on vacation, I didn't do too badly; I tried to balance all of … Continue reading Starting Over…AGAIN!

I Think My Tape Measure is Broken

May 30th: weight - 199 lbs. body fat - 36.4% waist - 39" hips - 46" September 15th: weight - 191.9 lbs. body fat - 34.9% waist - 38" hips - 46" Um...yeah. I'm pretty sure my tape measure is broken. Just kidding. It's been a slow and steady decline as far as the weight … Continue reading I Think My Tape Measure is Broken

Still got some work to do…

So yeah, I went to the gym last night.  First time since March, I think.  Put my podling on blast, made sure the ear buds were securely in my ears, and didn't make eye contact with anyone except the desk staff.  Went straight back to the free weights, secured a flat bench and proceeded to … Continue reading Still got some work to do…

Well, Shit.

Yeah, it's about that time. You know, that time when you look around you and all that comes to mind, is "Well, shit...." usually followed by a, "this isn't what I wanted", "this isn't where I expected to be", or a, "this sucks." Once it's out in the open, once you acknowledge that the time … Continue reading Well, Shit.

Independence Day – Hooorah!

Good googly - it's the 4th of July already? Most awesome. What better way to kick off my 48th trip around the sun than with pretty explosives? How about hitting my 10K step goal twice since the new month began? Or managing to drink ALL the water I'm supposed to have?  Now, granted, I've gone … Continue reading Independence Day – Hooorah!

Birthday Month – Kick Off post

To all the other June birthday babies who may be reading - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Hope you get your Google b-day wishes...not sure how I feel about the personalized deal myself, but it was nice to have the date I entered recognized by the cyber-bots. Anyway, even though I put in a bogus date on my … Continue reading Birthday Month – Kick Off post

And so it begins…

Figured I'd pop in early on Day 1 and well, drop a few words.  Since I've already shared the "before" pics, might as well share the stats that go along with them: Age: 47 (soon to be 48) Height: 5' - 6.5" (I'm shrinking, lol.  I once stood a whole 5' - 7.75") Chest: 40" … Continue reading And so it begins…


(*can’t believe I’m doing this.  I mean, really.  Like anyone wants to see my wildly out of shape body. But then again, I’ve shown you my balding head, not to mention the knot behind my ear.  Hell, I’ve shared all kinds of insecurities with the readers of this blog, why should this be any different.  … Continue reading TMI…maybe?