Playing Catch-Up

Hello luvs, If you would, please take a moment to comb through your archives of posts beginning in June through to October and put a link to your favorite in the comments below. My ability to keep up with my blog reading was severely hampered during those months and I fear I may have missed … Continue reading Playing Catch-Up

I’m glad someone remembers…

Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 6 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging. My first official post appeared July 28, 2010.  Check it out.  It's never been read according to the stats, LOL.  Wow.  I've posted 622 entries since that first day. But now, here we are. … Continue reading I’m glad someone remembers…

The Never Ending…um…Story? (Interlude)

More like the never-ending process of editing.  And I'm not talking a manuscript here, I'm talking about my blog posts. It seems that I am constantly or maybe I 'should' write, consistently, editing my posts. Every time I find myself re-reading one I find an errant word, or grammatical mistake, that I must correct right … Continue reading The Never Ending…um…Story? (Interlude)

Checking in and redirecting.

I'm pleased to see that people are still stopping by the blog and enjoying what they see. However, I upgraded over the summer and have been posting now at: Same voice, same random bits and pieces from inside this writer's mind, and still a WordPress based site, but now with a touch more color … Continue reading Checking in and redirecting.