Paradigm shifts – They do exist!

I've been on a bit of a downward spiral since my birthday. A reaction to someone I consider important having not acknowledged my birthday. Yeah, I know. Not that big of a deal when you consider the bigger picture, but that one little thing dug in under my skin and much like the blood sucking, … Continue reading Paradigm shifts – They do exist!

Well, Shit.

Yeah, it's about that time. You know, that time when you look around you and all that comes to mind, is "Well, shit...." usually followed by a, "this isn't what I wanted", "this isn't where I expected to be", or a, "this sucks." Once it's out in the open, once you acknowledge that the time … Continue reading Well, Shit.

Independence Day – Hooorah!

Good googly - it's the 4th of July already? Most awesome. What better way to kick off my 48th trip around the sun than with pretty explosives? How about hitting my 10K step goal twice since the new month began? Or managing to drink ALL the water I'm supposed to have?  Now, granted, I've gone … Continue reading Independence Day – Hooorah!

I Don’t Know “Who” I AM

What is it about my birthday this year that has me doing all of this contemplation? I don't remember going through this when I turned 30, or 40, or 45...but man, looking 48 in the face and all of a sudden I'm questioning almost every aspect of my existence. The things I used to use … Continue reading I Don’t Know “Who” I AM

Well Obviously, Something’s GOT to Change.

Day 1: weight: 196 lbs body fat: 36.7% waist: 38" hips: 48" Day 8: weight: 196.4 lbs body fat: 36.9% waist: 38" hips: 46" Day 15: weight:  199 lbs body fat: 36.5% waist: 38" hips: 46.5" Starting to feel as if my efforts are perhaps, being thwarted... Let's check the stats shall we?   Ah … Continue reading Well Obviously, Something’s GOT to Change.

And so it begins…

Figured I'd pop in early on Day 1 and well, drop a few words.  Since I've already shared the "before" pics, might as well share the stats that go along with them: Age: 47 (soon to be 48) Height: 5' - 6.5" (I'm shrinking, lol.  I once stood a whole 5' - 7.75") Chest: 40" … Continue reading And so it begins…

Oh yeah, that’s right…I’m a Writer

And this is supposed to be where I regale you with tales of my writing adventures, flood your minds with writer-ly advise, and spend countless minutes promoting my work to the masses so that one day, I too can enjoy the life of leisure we know those wealthy writers enjoy. Yeah, well, that's what I was … Continue reading Oh yeah, that’s right…I’m a Writer

I’ve got a lot on my mind.

Hi. It's May 1st. I have just 59 more days left on my lease. Do I not renew and spend who knows how much on a new place to live (my credit score is no doubt going to entice the property management company to demand and or raise their deposit amount; then of course there's … Continue reading I’ve got a lot on my mind.

Self-sabotage; related to insanity perhaps?

Yeah, I'm thinking self-sabotage and insanity (the one where you do the same thing over and over expecting different results each time, not the one that has you, well...needing extensive therapy and or psychotropic drugs) are one in the same. Both leave you expending a bunch of useless energy to end up right back where … Continue reading Self-sabotage; related to insanity perhaps?

Baby Steps – What a Concept (now that I understand how to apply it, lol)

Seriously, I've been hearing people use the "baby steps" analogy to achieving goals for years (and years, and um...years.  I'm almost 50 you know 🙂 ) but until this year I'm not quite sure I got it. I mean, yes, it's obvious they're saying to take little, short in length, tip-toe type steps to reach … Continue reading Baby Steps – What a Concept (now that I understand how to apply it, lol)