How To Develop A Healthy Relationship (With Yourself)

James Michael Sama


You may wonder where this topic came from, considering I typically write about dating and relationships. But, I also write about happiness and success – two things which are typically intertwined with how you perceive yourself. Furthermore, the most important relationship you will ever have, is with yourself. If that one isn’t healthy, none of your others will be.

Before we can be confident in a relationship, we need to be confident in ourselves. For many of us, this means overcoming the social stigmas of beauty and learning to eventually accept ourselves for who we are, whether or not we resemble the airbrushed magazine cover models. I have taken my own journey along this path which I wanted to share with you.

I have never been ‘thin,’ in any aspect of the word. I was always a little shorter, a little stockier, and grew up in a household where there…

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Love Is…Bacon (My non-traditional Valentine’s Day post)

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