Just so you know, it’s not all darkness.

This little snippet popped up earlier this evening. It builds on a phrase my love used a few days ago. For some reason, it stuck in my head and I find it flitting through the grey matter between my ears, always in his voice. He said it casually but I promise you, I didn't hear … Continue reading Just so you know, it’s not all darkness.

The Other Manuscript

Just a day or so ago I mentioned my short story "novella", Aphrodite's Twin.  Well, that's not the only thing I'm working on. I also have a novel I'm jotting down bits and pieces to (and re-writing as I go, sigh).  That one is tentatively titled, "The Other Woman".  Yes, it's about a woman, a … Continue reading The Other Manuscript

Finally, a post about my writing

(*shakes head, attempts to clear mind*)  Alright.  (*deep breath*)  I am a writer. Time to "talk" writing.  My Happy Place wouldn't be all that happy if I wasn't doing what I loved, hence the increase in blog posts as of late.  This one will highlight my current work in progress as a way of building … Continue reading Finally, a post about my writing

If I believed in Soul Mates

(a bit of fiction based on a whole lot of reality) My husband is over six feet tall, by about two inches or so. Probably weighs about 5 or six pounds over what he’d like to, but is still physically attractive to me – it’s the broad shoulders and muscled arms that get me every … Continue reading If I believed in Soul Mates

Morning Pondering – for those of you who don’t see my FB page.

My experience would have me believe that men (well, males in general) put a lot of energy into doing things, whether it be working out, taking care of or avoiding taking care of their children, their jobs / careers / studies when they have them, etc. They get sex when they can, as often as … Continue reading Morning Pondering – for those of you who don’t see my FB page.

In the meantime… (NC-17)

How far would you go to research a character for a book? I’ve asked this question before but don’t remember the responses I received. I got to thinking about a situation where a writer is developing a story about a serial killer. It’s a work of fiction but during her research, she goes too far … Continue reading In the meantime… (NC-17)

It’s 3:20 in the morning…

I've discovered a phenomenon here in the UK of which I was not aware.  The sun's been coming up a little before five AM each morning, and not setting until after nine at night.  I've had over 16 hours of daylight every day since I got here and you know what?  I LOVE IT!  Mind … Continue reading It’s 3:20 in the morning…

Jet lag finally caught up with me.

Alright, to catch you up before I head off to bed.  Kathrine  scored me a ticket to the England v Belgium soccer match yesterday.  I was cheering for Belgium because between the two countries, Belgium sits closest to Germany which is where I was born (and next on my list of 30 day tours).   Anyway, … Continue reading Jet lag finally caught up with me.

The saga continues

This next section comes courtesy of a country song I was listening to on the way home today.  Not sure of the title, but the line that struck me went something like this, "If you find yourself going through hell, don't be scared, you might just make it through before the devil knows you're there." … Continue reading The saga continues

Rough drafting – the writing process through my mind

My life is so reflected in my writing, and vice versa.  This has really been some weird times for me.  It was a shock to be jolted from my numbness into full-blown emotional upheaval but now that I'm here, I don't know what to do.  Drinking doesn't solve anything.  In fact, it quite often leads … Continue reading Rough drafting – the writing process through my mind