3:00 AM and I want to play 20 Questions.

Awake. Let's play 20 Questions.  I'll ask, you answer. Or at the very least, I want you to THINK, really think and come up with HONEST answers. I once wrote, "we lie best when we lie to ourselves."  Not sure if that was an original thought or if I heard it somewhere and forgot where … Continue reading 3:00 AM and I want to play 20 Questions.


Definition (as it appears in my life right now): find a new place to live (pay app fees, deposit, 1st month's rent) fix up the normal wear and tear on the old place so as to hopefully get some of my deposit back pack find a storage unit / move non-essentials to storage unit to … Continue reading Overwhelm

Random Bits & Pieces, again

July Camp NaNo I was off to a pretty decent start - got a few words or so ahead of the game then didn't do a lick of writing these past two (or is it 3?) days. Sigh. So much going on right now (as you'll see below) that I'm living in "overwhelmed" mode. I … Continue reading Random Bits & Pieces, again


I'm on week one of my 2nd Nerd Fitness Challenge, week two of my own Life/Fitness Challenge; the Eight Week Challenge on The Caffeinated Writer is in week three and has some new participants (check them out via links found here). In lieu of all this "challenging" going on, I am looking at some key … Continue reading Accountability

A New Hope

Hiddy Ho good neighbors. So, it would appear I jumped the gun in one challenge, and am a week behind in another. Story of my life, but I'm going to run with it anyway and jump right into my 2nd official Life/Fitness Challenge. I'm sticking with the Star Wars theme because, well.. . (giggle. this … Continue reading A New Hope

Let’s Try This Again.

So, my first four week fitness / life challenge comes to a close this evening. I called it The Force Awakens (yeah, I thought it was cute at the time; definitely proved to be overly optimistic, not to mention wildly out of order). Anyway, about mid-way through, The Empire struck Back and I lost my … Continue reading Let’s Try This Again.

Sweat. WTF

In my youth, the only time I remember sweating in any way, shape or form, was when I was outside, playing with wild abandon, in temperatures that were in the high seventies and above (that's Fahrenheit).  As I got a little older, I'd feel a little moist if I were outside or in a car, when … Continue reading Sweat. WTF

Training to be a Jedi (sort of)

Nerd Fitness. FitBit.  BuJo. Current stats: Weight - 208.1 Body Fat Percentage - 38.3% Add them all together and what do you get? My first time participating in a self-designed fitness challenge. Bring on the training montage (again). In a living room far, far, away... I've assembled my gear - no need to spend any … Continue reading Training to be a Jedi (sort of)

Starting Over…AGAIN!

Stats for Nov. 3 NaNo Word Count: 1709 Body Fat: 36% Weight: 196.5 As it is with my NaNo project this year, so it is with my healthy living.  As I mentioned, my vacation earlier this fall threw me off track. While on vacation, I didn't do too badly; I tried to balance all of … Continue reading Starting Over…AGAIN!