Have I Shared This With You?

I tend to avoid any topic that seems to bring out the confrontational side of others. I am a peacekeeper / people pleaser to my heart (and most often, to my detriment). I keep my opinions to myself, regardless of how strongly I may feel them, in order to avoid coming across as preachy or … Continue reading Have I Shared This With You?

Let’s Talk.

A reason for some home town pride. Courageous Conversations: Being Black in Colorado I went to college in Alabama. I was asked before leaving Colorado if I was afraid to be going "down south".  I wasn't. Or at least I don't remember being afraid. Looking back, I can tell you the experience showed me a … Continue reading Let’s Talk.

This Morning’s Prayer

So the hate train has pulled into the station and its occupants are poised to be in power for a minute. Those of us being hated feel some modicum of fear. I get that. I also get that in order to become really good at something, "you have to get terrible out of the way." … Continue reading This Morning’s Prayer

It’s That Time Once Again, The Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest

Use the link below to enjoy this year's Beauty of a Woman BlogFest over at Girl Boner, by August McLaughlin. I didn't participate as a writer this year, but am definitely enjoying the many posts I'm reading. Always a good time learning about what makes women beautiful inside and out!   Welcome to the Beauty … Continue reading It’s That Time Once Again, The Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest