Emily’s Ghost. Or. The Haunting of Emily Dobson

The results of another string of nights where sleep and I part company three or four times a night.  Toss in the odd nightmare and the fact that it's October - that frightfully fun time of year - and you get my brain conjuring up memories then turning them into snippets like this.   "Mummy! … Continue reading Emily’s Ghost. Or. The Haunting of Emily Dobson

The ending comes together.

This isn't all of it, just the part that struck me as sort of funny so I wanted to share.  I'm gong to, of course, do some rewrites once the beta readers and my editor get a read through of the whole manuscript. It's just nice to finally have the lesson / ending in my … Continue reading The ending comes together.

Thumbing through the files

Every so many days, I find myself glancing back through the many story files I have on the various drives and "clouds".  I find bits and pieces that I still enjoy, but that haven't triggered my Muse to go any further. I like to think of these bits and pieces as my insurance against ever … Continue reading Thumbing through the files

And then…

No sooner than I get the woman on the steps situated than does my Muse send me this.  It's a mash-up of real life and wishes.  It's also very rough draft so read at  your own risk, ;-).   Two women sit at the bar. It's happy hour so there's a decent sized crowd of … Continue reading And then…

There’s this woman…

I keep seeing this woman.  She's sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. She doesn't speak, doesn't interact with anyone.  She just sits there, watching the world go by.  This, my readers is how a story is born in my head. Most often, I get an image of someone in a scene doing what … Continue reading There’s this woman…

Finally, a post about my writing

(*shakes head, attempts to clear mind*)  Alright.  (*deep breath*)  I am a writer. Time to "talk" writing.  My Happy Place wouldn't be all that happy if I wasn't doing what I loved, hence the increase in blog posts as of late.  This one will highlight my current work in progress as a way of building … Continue reading Finally, a post about my writing

Divine Intervention (original March 28, 2013)

This originally appeared on my old website. Decided it had some good info in it so I'm re-posting it. 🙂 Enjoy! Do you believe in God? I’m the first to say I believe in a “higher” power but not as it’s represented in most (so called) organized religions.  Too much human tampering and interpretation and using … Continue reading Divine Intervention (original March 28, 2013)

Taser Fiction – short bursts of spine tingling fiction.

 Haven't shared much fiction on the blog.  But seeing as how I have been possessed by someone else's Muse lately, thought perhaps I'd share these in hopes that the writer who belongs to this Muse will call Her or Him back home.  Enjoy.    Did'ja Hear?Over heard at a coffee shop. "Have you tried that new bar … Continue reading Taser Fiction – short bursts of spine tingling fiction.

If I believed in Soul Mates

(a bit of fiction based on a whole lot of reality) My husband is over six feet tall, by about two inches or so. Probably weighs about 5 or six pounds over what he’d like to, but is still physically attractive to me – it’s the broad shoulders and muscled arms that get me every … Continue reading If I believed in Soul Mates

Welcome Home

The alarm went off at seven a.m.  She turned it off with eyes closed, a smile sitting comfortably on her lips.  It was April 17th. He was coming home. She had twelve hours to finish getting things in order. At least she'd have a lot to keep herself busy. It would make the time go … Continue reading Welcome Home