“…Willing to do the work”

It's nine something in the evening. I'm in my jammies, snuggled into bed when I hear this phrase, "I know what I want, but am I willing to do the work to get it?"  I immediately got up out of bed, put my tee shirt and yoga pants on and did a circuit on my body … Continue reading “…Willing to do the work”

1st Epiphany of 2016

*I am not making money from my writing / coaching because it is a business and I have convinced myself that I don't know how to manage a business, let alone know how to do any kind of business accounting. Therefore, when it's come to manifesting business revenue, I choke. Having had the light shine … Continue reading 1st Epiphany of 2016

End of Year Purge

Oh if that doesn't bring to mind horrid visuals.  The title of the post I mean. But I'm being lazy and rolling with the first title that came to mind. I'll just get to the point here. I'm getting back on the Body Love wagon so I'm purging the bad habits again. Bye-bye sweet tea, … Continue reading End of Year Purge

What You Accomplish Every Day Is to Your Self-Esteem, What Water Is to Your Life – Sira Masetti

Having goals is something ordinary, while committing to the right ones and being able to achieve them is what shows one's real value. In other words, if we dedicate our time and our efforts to whatever we like, we have far too many objectives to reach. And guess what happens next? We are not able … Continue reading What You Accomplish Every Day Is to Your Self-Esteem, What Water Is to Your Life – Sira Masetti

When Should You Release a New Book?

Just in time as I get ready to release my 5th book :-).

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Recently I wondered what the best time to release a new book was. Obviously you would want to release something scary prior to Halloween, something romantic right before Valentine’s Day, something full of snow and holiday cheer right before Christmas, etc. But what about the rest of the year? Are there days that are lucky for self-published authors? Is there a time of year that can help you get more copies into people’s hands? I was determined to find out.

Now despite my best efforts, I only have three books out at the moment (though I am working on getting more out soon), so I couldn’t rely on just my own experience ot answer this question. So when in doubt, I do what I normally do: ask the writing groups I belong to on Facebook. The answers I got were quite informative.

Of course there were the tips to release…

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The Never Ending…um…Story? (Interlude)

More like the never-ending process of editing.  And I'm not talking a manuscript here, I'm talking about my blog posts. It seems that I am constantly or maybe I 'should' write, consistently, editing my posts. Every time I find myself re-reading one I find an errant word, or grammatical mistake, that I must correct right … Continue reading The Never Ending…um…Story? (Interlude)

Birthday Month – Kick Off post

To all the other June birthday babies who may be reading - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Hope you get your Google b-day wishes...not sure how I feel about the personalized deal myself, but it was nice to have the date I entered recognized by the cyber-bots. Anyway, even though I put in a bogus date on my … Continue reading Birthday Month – Kick Off post