20 of 40 – Half way there

Ohhhh, we’re half-way there

ohhhh oh, livin’ on a prayer

Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear,

Ohhhh oh, living on a prayer….

Sorry, love that song. *ahem* So yeah, I’ve managed to consistently (with a few lost days here and there) make 20 posts in just a little over 20 days. I wish I could say I was half way to finishing my Camp NaNo project but alas…I find that bouncing between the three books (completely not the plan) has my word count all over the map but not necessarily on the fast track to getting any one of the books to total 50K words added.

Honestly, doesn’t bother me much because I’m writing again and that’s what feels good. I have one Camp NaNo badge and two or three November NaNo badges. I’ve got four published books, and at least two, maybe three that will be release ready this year. Mind you, those same three were originally slated for a couple of years ago, but my mojo went missing.  Funny how that works, or in this case doesn’t work.

But it seems to be back. I may have found my way home for sure.

Speaking of which, so I just wrote the final scene in book two. I want so badly to share it but it contains so many spoilers, lol.  I’m wondering, if I tell you now, will you even remember it once the books come out? I believe I’ have just one blog reader who has any of my books, no wait, maybe two, so really, if I share the excerpt here, I don’t run the risk of spoiling it for anyone.

Hmmmm, man. This is a bit of tough call. The scene is by no means polished which in and of itself should prevent me from sharing it. But it’s such a good one to me.

Nope, no…I’ll wait. Let me get it cleaned up a bit and then I’ll casually post it here. I’m telling you, this writing thing is like the best natural high, ever!

Have a great weekend, sending love and light,


18 of 40 – Another scene

Migraine Fairy is swooping in for a visit. I haven’t had any water today (the first in two, maybe three weeks I didn’t have any water, the third in two weeks that I didn’t get 64 full ounces). There’s also a tropical storm a’brewing in the Atlantic. Doesn’t take much, just the flap of those butterfly wings in Costa Rica and next thing you know, my head’s trying to blow up.

But that’s not what I’m here to share. Nope, I’m here because the voices came back today. Sitting in traffic on two separate occasions today, my characters rose up and spoke three scenes in my head.  Those scenes were on repeat and that’s how I knew it was real. Through the pain building in my head, they acted out the scenes with only minimal variations – their subtle insistence that I get the imagery and dialog committed to the draft. I felt whole – a sensation I haven’t had in a long time it seems.

I was able to capture the majority of the one scene tonight. It’s difficult to write through the pain, but write I must.  It is good, or at least I think so. I’d like to share it if I may…

     “I’ve been expecting you.”
“Oh, I bet you have.”
“Let me guess. You’ve come to exact your revenge for the death of your master.”
“Yeah, something like that.”
“Were you expecting this to be easy? That your righteous anger would give you the tools you need to defeat me?”
“No, I was thinking this sword and my excellent fighting skills would be all I needed to kick your sorry demon ass all the way back to hell.”
“Oh, language. You are speaking to an elder who happens to be your father. There should be a certain amount of respect in your tone and word choice.”
“Sorry, so not going to happen. I don’t respect you and as far as I’m concerned, Warner was more my father than you’ll ever be.”
“Little girl, your education is sorely lacking. Has no one told you how powerful I am?”
Victoria thought just briefly about the conversation she’d so hastily ended with Zanthia. Was she really serious about Victoria not being ready? So be it. She’d do the best she could or die trying. “Fuck you and your power.”

Victoria raised her sword, the movement so swift the blade left light trails in her vision. And then, the world went black. It was as if all the light was suddenly gone. She had the sensation of her eyes being open, but that was all. She thought for no apparent reason, “I’ve slipped between.” She was somehow no longer in her body, but she wasn’t outside of it either. She was for all intents and purposes, nowhere. It was an unsettling feeling, she wished she could feel something, anything, but there was just infinite black. Her thoughts, without the confines of her flesh and bone to hold them began to drift further and further away. Bits of her psyche, just casually floating into the the nothing. She couldn’t call them back but only sense them as they went on their way.
Then just as suddenly, she felt slammed back into her body as all sensation flooded back at once. She experienced vertigo and staggered, the weight of her body causing her surprised legs to react with muscle spasms and shudders.
“Uh oh. Look at what you’ve done.”
Victoria opened her eyes. Tiny’s body lay bloodied at her feet. Her hands were soaked in fur and flesh.
“I had meant for you to kill the child, but your damn brute of a hound got in the way. Oh well, murder is as a murderer does. That makes no sense, but it sure sounded poetic, didn’t it?”
Victoria consciously left her body, her vision taking in the scene from a foot or so above her head. She took in the room around her, a baby’s nursery in some upscale townhouse, who knew where in the city. The baby thankfully lay sleeping in its crib, chubby fist tucked into its mouth, clearly, beautifully breathing. This time, a bird’s eye view of Tiny’s huge Rottweiler frame, now with chunks missing, blood soaking into the decorative throw rug in front of the crib. Victoria’s father, Darian sat in a rocking chair by the window. Left leg casually slung over the arm of the chair, foot slowly swinging back and forth as if he’d had not a care in the world.
“You see little girl, you are flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood so if I want to ride you like a Harley on a warm spring day, I am powerful enough to do so without your consent or even knowledge. I hadn’t done so up to this point because I didn’t think you were foolish enough to ever come for me. I thought surely Zanthia and what’s left of her precious do-gooders would have taught you more about me. But since they were remiss in that portion of your studies, let this be your first, and hopefully only lesson.” He stood up and walked the few short paces between them. Victoria was still observing things from above, so when Darian bent down, slid his fingers through one of the raw openings in Tiny’s body, Victoria could do nothing to stop him from wiping the blood across her lips.

“You are my only child, but don’t think for a moment I won’t drive you mad, torture you for years, before finally killing you in order to prove my point. You are no match for me. You will never defeat me and you will never have the throne. Oh, look at the time. I must be going before the babysitter comes to check on the little hellion. Good bye Victoria. I hope we never meet again.” And with that, he was gone.

Okay, so there you go. Not a boat load of wordage, but considering I’ve felt so not in the mood to work on my Camp NaNo project, this felt like manna from Heaven.

Sending Love and Light,


17 of 40 – Light bulb…


Or an “ah ha” moment. Or an epiphany (we’ve had plenty of each on this blog).  Either way, this morning’s Morning Pages coupled with some questions from Terri Cole’s Love Revolution series (specifically the Secondary Gain work sheet)…


helped me to identify some key behaviors I need to stop doing. Yes, there was some “why” exploration involved, but it lead very quickly to how to “pull out the arrow” so to speak. You’ll remember that from this post, 11 of 40.

Anyway, since this worked for me, I thought I’d share it here, in hopes someone else found it useful.

Might I suggest:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Click to get the worksheet (you can unsubscribe after)
  3. Put each question at the top of a blank page
  4. Free write whatever comes up as you focus on the question

Might take a couple of runs – I’ve been doing Morning Pages now since late December and some things take me a couple of days or so of Pages to get to my truth; others have taken one and half pages, lol. This was a one and half pager so I’m thinking my Divinity really wanted me to get this lesson quickly so She shouted the answers at me instead of whispering.

Oh well, all I can do is point out the water. It’s up to you to decide to take a drink or not.

Sending love and light,


14 of 40 – For your information

In order:

  1. Do Unto Others by See, Seek, Find (Dina)
  2. POV by Stephanie Huesler
  3. FGM: What Can We Do by See, Seek, Find (Dina)

I wonder if you’ll connect dots the way I did between the three posts? I wonder if you will look around you and attempt to see things, people, situations, in perspectives that are outside your own?

I wonder if you’ll actively seek to treat people you directly and indirectly come in contact with in ways that more closely resemble how you’d want to be treated? I wonder if you’ll pause to assess situations with a different set of criteria? I wonder if you’ll find this or other US based atrocities worth acting out against?

I wonder if humans are able to stop hurting each other based on their sense of lack, fear, of there not being enough to go around; killing and maiming, selling each other, torturing each other for money, the perception of power…

I wonder.

With love, light, and ACTION


9 of 40 – Let Someone Else’s Words…

move us ALL.

I write because I struggle to speak my truth. Want to know what I’m going through, how I see the world? Read my writing.

And on the flip side, words can bring understanding. Are you afraid of “them”…bet if you took a minute you’d find common ground and way less reason to fear and hate.

LISTEN TO / READ / SPEAK THE WORDS.  Seek out what’s not being said in yourself and in others.

I love you.


8 of 40 – We’re just going to play for a bit.

Apparently I missed a day. Who knew.  My apologies.


I don’t want to do ANYTHING but WRITE.  I want to ditch my day job, my chores, my obligations outside of putting words to page. I want to wake when I wake, write when the voices whisper, then eat, nap, perhaps wander loose, go to bed when I get sleepy, then wake and do the whole thing again.

I’ve contracted with a firm – Alexis Chateau PR –  to do the heavy lifting: logo design, website build, taking my ideas and putting them in a coherent business plan, etc. But there’s still business-y stuff I have to do, and that freakin’ day job so I can afford the PR firm…SIGH.  All the adulting!

So, that’s why you have the above video today. Because I am abdicating my adulting duties today. I may not even work on my Camp NaNo…or wait, naw. I need to get that done. I need to submit a couple of manuscripts for print estimates as well as secure a place to lay my head for this year’s sojourn to the home state. ALL THE MONEY!!! Damn adulting!!

Beep, beep…sigh.



6 of 40

Another favorite part of a scene:

“Start talking.”

“Yeah, okay. What do you want to know?”

“Don’t be foolish. I want to know why you’ve been following me, who you are and is there any reason for me not to kill you?”

“Uh, well, don’t want you to kill me at all mostly because I want to live. I used to be a cop. A while back, there was this case. Some guy shows up dead but not just dead, carved up in these pretty patterns. Me and my partner get the case. We investigate and do all we can but of course, it ends up being a cold case. No one claims the body and we go on about our business. Then there’s these rash of shootings and cuttings. No one ends up dead, but it’s strange. So again, my partner and I start investigating. We can’t figure out what’s going on. We get told to move on, there’s more crime to deal with and that’s all well and good, but letting something go is not in my nature. I start reviewing old cases, spending a little over time at my desk making notes and such, doing research. I finally start to see a pattern though and I take what I find to my sergeant who tells me I’ve been working too hard and need a break. He puts me on administrative leave. Okay, I’ve got some time on my hands so I start investigating on my own. And what’d’ya know? I get lucky – I’m staking out the last crime scene when this guy shows up. He sneaks into the place. I follow him and low and behold, he fiddle farts around, sprinkles some shit on the floor and like magic, the blood stains disappear. I watch him get into a car, and catch another lucky break, the license plate is legit so I end up with an address. A few nights of following this dude around, and what’d’ya know again? I actually see dude kill this woman. Well, not kill exactly, he did something to her to make her pass out, this yellowish smoke puffs out of her and the next thing you know, she’s up and walking around as if nothing happened.

After that, dude gets harder for me tail. I can’t ever get close to him. I’d see him just out of the corner of my eye or walking around a corner then a day later, there’d be somebody showing up in the hospital with a weird cuts or gun shot wound. Your mother’s murder was my biggest break because it happened right up stairs from my mystery guy’s place. It appeared to be a closed case, we got your mom’s boyfriend for the murder, but he claimed he had no memory of it what-so-ever. No surprise there, he was so high when the cops arrested him we were surprised he was functioning at all. And we know your mom had you because all the neighbors we question kept asking where you were. I finally have a legitimate reason to question the guy, but he never comes home. He disappears, you had disappeared. Fortunately, he leaves behind an apartment full of clues. I start spending time casing the place you know. Waiting for either of you to show up. A whole year and my sergeant decides I could use more than some time off, he relieves me of duty permanently. Well now I have all the time I need to sit in front of your apartment complex waiting for one or the other of you to show up. And when you do, you’re damn near grown and my mystery man looks the same as he always did. So I start following you both. And just like before, I can’t ever keep up. You guys come and go like the wind, and all of a sudden, those strange shootings and stabbings start happening again, only this time, I know there’s two of you doing the damage.

It takes me a minute, but I found out where my mystery guy lived. I started just hanging out there and what do ya know? One night you guys both show up with some new dude. I manage to get in around the back, hide myself in the hallway, fully intending to bust in and demand some answers when I overhear you three chatting it up. Imagine my surprise when I discover you and mystery boy are some kind of supernatural ghost hunters; the other dude, who disappeared through the fuckin’ wall I might add, is your father and he just happens to be a friggin’ demon. You know, like a real devil, evil kind of demon. Next thing you know, you freak out and poof, both of you guys disappear. Another year goes by, there’s a crime scene but no body – guess where? That’s right, at mystery dude’s place. I just picked up your tracks about a week ago. Started tailing you and then you flippin’ shoot me!!”

Victoria had let him get it all out of his system. She was thinking the combination of Mei’s salve, John’s special ale, and the weirdness of the whole situation, had loosened a touch more than Stephen’s tongue. About now, Victoria could tell he was quite freaked out.

“Alright there big guy. Just chill out.”

“Chill out? Chill out?! I’d love to just chill out but instead, I’m sitting in a bar that has Superman’s cousin as a doorman, eating a cheeseburger with some supernatural assassin, and a freakin’ bullet hole in my shoulder!”

Yeah, he was definitely freaked out.

This one’s from book two – Demon Master.  That’s June’s NaNo project.  Can’t wait.

What’s good in your world today? Name your gratitude…

Love you,


2 of 40

Camp NaNo begins and it’s off to my back files to dig out my next manuscript for release prep. I tend to rebel during the Camps and will start with a piece that’s partially written and vow to add 50K words to what I’ve already done. So it’s still a 50K challenge, I’m just starting with bits and pieces of a story that needs finishing.

So, this month, I’m tackling my first foray into the world of demons and the first ever story idea that turned into a planned trilogy.  Introducing, Demon Protege.  Oh, spoiler alert, the next two books are titled, Demon Master, and Demon Reign.  Love the titles.

Anyway, taking a page from my friend Cassidy over at Wide Awake but Dreaming, here on WordPress (check her out, she’s my “Scrivener / How to Write an EPIC novel” guru), I’ll be posting a few excerpts to help fill in some posts in my commitment to doing a post a day for 40 days.  I’ll also be asking (BEGGING) those of you who have written in this particular genre before for tips, suggestions, and eventually, a Beta read or two. I have several fight scenes and a boss battle or two to write and quite frankly, I haven’t done anything like that since I was 11 or 12. I’m a tad rusty, lol, and times have certainly changed when it comes to writing compelling action scenes.

Cassidy, John (Shaven Wookie), Kent (Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha)  – I’m looking at you! I’ve read your work, you guys know how to put together some gripping action scenes.  Any advice you’d care to share, I’d appreciate receiving.

But for now, we start you off with this:

Nothing like finding out your dad’s the head of a clan of demons hell bent on taking over the world at the same time you get a gig as a demon hunting apprentice. Talk about a rough first day on the job.

That’s the blurb I wrote for the back cover of the book.  Makes me giggle. The tone of the book isn’t quite as humorous as that, but there are some comedic moments that pop up with my male lead in the second book.  I’ll be working on it during Camp NaNo in June.

So, alright. ‘Nuff of this bloggin’, time to get to novelin’.

Love you guys!

Have a great day.


Don’t know if I can do 40

Good friend of mine is doing a 40 day blog post deal as a way to rekindle her writing fire. I follow the Artist’s Way and do three hand written pages in the mornings -most often right after I wake up, but always before 9:30 am.  Feels more genuine if I stick to a deadline.

Anyway, with Camp NaNo just around the corner and my commitment to being a professional novelist for the rest of my life, I am all about the writing so, while I may not make 40 posts in a row, I will show my support of my friend’s efforts and begin putting energy into posting more often.

Starting tomorrow, lol.

Yes, I’m putting off till tomorrow what I can do today.  Oh wait. Maybe not. I mean, I’m posting this today, so technically I guess this counts.  Cool.  So yeah, fist pump – I’m in with post #1 :-).

You’ll want to check out my friend’s blog: See. Seek. Find.

Now, I’m off to work on post #2.  Oh, and an idea for post #3 just popped into my head. Heeeyyyy, there may be something to this commitment to writing thing after all.   Thanks Dina!