Better Late Than Never I Suppose.

I want to say how much I have appreciated seeing the number of non-melanated humans who have shown concern, spoken up, and showed out in solidarity with Black folks in this, the million and twelfth time we’ve had to assert that we matter as people while beset with grief, anger, and out rage. It has lessened my feelings of hopelessness a degree or two.

I want to ask tho, what was it this time that finally pissed YOU off enough to speak up / make donations / march and riot? You do realize we’ve been saying the victims names and telling you that Black Lives mattered since Jim Crow (at least). Yet aside from an amazing show of support during the Civil Rights movement (mind you, support, but little change in the actual systems of racial injustice was made), you’ve gone on about your business for the most part without so much as shudder of revulsion.

I’m NOT complaining. Your show of genuine sympathy and actions of support, there are no words to fully describe how much it means to me. But you do realize this must be the beginning of your continued support. I mean, no rushing back to blissful ignorance once “normal” has returned. We CAN NOT go back to the status quo, please!

While you’re in the mood to broaden your horizons and are seeking out knowledge around racism and how Black lives are lived in this racially based society, here are some YouTube channels I think you should check out:

They’re not all doom and gloom, but a variety of view points about and actual representations of Black lives – there’s some deep dives and serious discussions, but then there’s also humor and day to day things that hopefully show you, Black folk are HUMAN. We have lives we’re living (at a slight disadvantage when compared to white, cis-male privilege) same as you do; families, fears, struggles, and triumphs. We no more deserve harsher prison sentences, to be shown as guilty whether we are or not, than you do. We deserve to come away from interactions with white people, be they cops, co-workers, doctors / nurses, or random people on the street…we deserve to leave these interactions with our dignities, our well being and our LIVES in tact.

I want to point out an aspect to all of this that sadly, hadn’t crossed my mind. Black people in the LGTBQ community are at a double risk. They’re catching hell from all sides as within the Black community, homo / trans – phobia is for some reason rampant and way too often results in violence. Billy Porter posted this video today and he talks on that point much more powerfully than I ever could and with a level of knowledge I don’t possess.

I wish I had more to write but truthfully, I just want to take a ridiculously long nap.

Stay safe…

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