Have You Ever Seen a Black Woman Cry in Public?

(Insomnia, Episode 6)

Well, have you? I’m not talking about tears shed at a televised funeral. I’m talking about you’re in your car, you turn to look into the car next to you and there’s a Black woman openly, obviously sobbing?

You may have been laboring under the misconception that Black women only show out when they’re angry, that they’re only expressive when they’re on ‘reality’ TV shows and their weaves have been snatched out during a cat fight over a man.

The question arose in my head because since Friday, May 29th, I’ve lost my shit and have been seen sobbing in public. Mostly in my car, but there was that one time in the parking lot at my job just a day ago. Freaked out the white woman who was on her morning walking phone call / cigarette break.

I’m not going to share why. Ain’t none ya damn business…but really, just google “news headlines on June 2, 2020”. There are so many reasons everybody should be crying right now but where’s the humanity in that. (insert curse words here, and please, don’t get me started with the tears…AGAIN)

It dawned on me during this Insomnia episode that the overwhelm, despair, grief, outrage, and hopelessness I’m experiencing may be part of the larger global, spiritual awakening I believe to be happening right now. Or maybe I’m just finally having an emotional break down from living life as a black female in the ‘land of the free, home of the brave’ (for everyone but black people). Whatever the cause, since suicide isn’t a viable option for me (?), I’m going with what’s behind door number three.

I can honestly say, this is going to be interesting.

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