Now That Was Disappointing.

I’m just a tad late to this game, but being the Stephen King fan that I am, I couldn’t let Castle Rock, Season 1 go without watching.


It took me two full weekends to get through all nine episodes and I’m left with this question – What the hell did I just watch?

I liken my experience watching Castle Rock Season 1 to eating a chocolate chip cookie – the first bite was “perfect”, the cookie was delicious and the bite had just the right amount of chocolate chips. The second bite was just as scrumptious, but then that third bite, there weren’t as many chocolate chips. Bites four through seven were not only lite on chocolate chips, but the cookie itself was starting to taste different. By the last couple of bites, it was as if I was suddenly eating a totally different cookie. Oatmeal Raisin to be exact, and I do NOT like Oatmeal Raisin cookies.

The set-up in the first couple of episodes was great but by episode four on I’m asking way too many questions that went unanswered for the rest of the season – warning, slight spoilers ahead.

  • Who is that and why are they doing that?
  • Why is that character suddenly in this scene, and why on EARTH are they sniffing those clothes then lying down on that bed?
  • Wait, what? Why would she have just gotten in a car with that guy and then driven to the back of an abandoned building to smoke weed and talk to a COMPLETE STRANGER (who didn’t talk AT ALL)
  • Why wouldn’t he have been telling his story and trying to get back to the woods from the very beginning?
  • Why did the sheriff ignore the body in the trunk to begin with?
  • Wait – she wouldn’t have shot him, not even if she was hallucinating. He would have been calling her name the entire way, not to mention he’d been in law enforcement forever – he wouldn’t have just walked face first into a dark barn regardless; also, she would have known it was the freakin’ love of her life, that was the ONE constant in all of her previous hallucinations / flashbacks!!
  • Hold the freakin’ phone – who are these two dudes and what the hell is up with them just suddenly showing up at a non-funeral?
  • If his story is legit, again, why wasn’t he telling everyone he met that he had to get back to the woods so he could get back to his dimension?

And on and on. It was as if the writers started out with a good idea but then quickly decided it was more important to set up reasons for there to be dead bodies and blood and leave it at that. Screw good story telling.

Or perhaps it was the way the story was edited? Maybe the writers did their job, but by the time things went to film, there was just too much story so the director and editor started chopping out the PLOT and just went for the shock value.  Kinda like the difference between porn in the 70’s and now.  In the 70’s you had “art” where there was something resembling a plot, plenty of dialog, and sex thrown in to keep it spicy. Now? It’s all money shots, all the time, shot on whatever recording device happens to be at hand.  *ahem* or at least that’s what I’ve been told.  (wink, wink).

However it worked out, I’m disappointed. I’ve been a Stephen King fan for more years than was emotionally / mentally good for me, lol. I remember his work to be unsettling because for every act of violence he mentioned, there were a ton of things he left up to the imagination. He gave you just enough information to spark the nightmare. The adaptations of his work though, with the exception of Misery, Delores Claiborne (which I had issues with but liked overall), IT (the TV version), Salem’s Lot, and The Stand (The Mist was great, but the ending just hurt and so I struggle to list it as a fav), film makers seem to be all about showing you the nightmare in all its gory realism as opposed to leaving it up to your imagination.

Maybe I’m missing the point and that’s what film making is supposed to do. Eliminate the use of your mind, and just tell you what you’re supposed to see / think / feel.

Whatever. I’d love to get other opinions on it. Did you watch Castle Rock at all – what did you think of it?  Are you looking forward to Season 2?

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Alrght – that’s it for this post. Don’t forget, if you watched Castle Rock, please please, tell me what you thought of it. I need some new perspectives on it for sure! :-).

As always, sending love and light,


(PS – can someone tell me why WordPress spaces paragraphs so wide, and bullet points so narrow? Is there a way to change this? Thanks.}

4 thoughts on “Now That Was Disappointing.

  1. currently rewatching season 1 – enjoyed it overall but too many events for atmosphere & not for plot – wtf happens to the warden’s severed head? Those kids in the masks – now that’s a story I’d like to see more of – etc. The murder b’n’b – funny as hell but existed to be clever not to inform the story –

    1. I’m thinking the murder b-n-b could have been an entire show by itself. And why was the severed head even a talking point if it didn’t factor into the story in any way. Yes, definitely too many show pieces and not enough substance.

      Are you looking forward to season two?

      1. curious more than looking forward 🙂 If André Holland returns, even as another character, I’ll give it a look 🙂

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