Wins and Losses, er…Lessons

Hi. So, yeah…still at the 30 Day Consistency Challenge deal.

Here’s a brief video:

The video talks more about the wins:

  1. Two networking events attended resulting in 2 potential clients
  2. Two pounds lost and 1 dance class attended

Now for the “losses” –

  1. Sucking at getting a daily meditation practice going
  2. Haven’t made it to the gym ALL week (sigh)
  3. Reading and writing are still taking a major backseat

I am struggling to figure out an effective way to fit things in to the few hours I have in the evenings during the week so I don’t end up trying to cram it all in on the weekend. I find I’m running out of daylight during the week and end up leaving things out on the weekend because of this or that.

But no stress as it is all about learning the lessons and applying them as I go.

How’s your month going so far? What wins are you celebrating? What losses or rather lessons are you learning?

As always, sending love & light,




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