Three Months In and Well…


It’s March. We are three months in to 2019 and I’m still not where I wat to be in terms of business revenue, bookings, books written / sold…still wildly out of shape…you get the picture.

Not a good look for someone who sells a program that teaches how to “live your best life to date”. sigh

Here’s what I’m doing about it. Gotta #PracticeWhatITeach on a grander scale so of course, that means…

giphy challenge.gif


I’ve issued myself yet another challenge.

This one is called: 30 Days of Desire.

All the drama, lol.  Seriously, the challenge is, every day for 30 days, to do something that honors, supports, and or fulfills a desire of mine.

How Did I Develop My Desires List?

I’m glad you asked. Of course, I Desire Mapped. If you’re at all interested in the process, I’m hosting a couple of Desire Map workshops this month, on the 13th and the 27th. Click HERE to register.

Okay, shameless plug for my services aside, back to what I was writing about.  I used my Desire Map to identify and clarify what my true desires or “Soul Goals” (you start with a feeling, then work your way out to determine your goals) are in four main categories: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Business.  From there, I wrote out activities I enjoyed that would move me toward my Desires in those categories.

Mind (I desire to feel creative)

  • Morning Pages
  • Read for an hour

Body (I desire to feel like a Goddess – think Storm from the Xmen comics, NOT the movies…still miffed about the casting on that one, but I digress)

  • Yoga
  • Weight Lifting
  • Walk (either outside or at the gym on the treadmill)
  • Dance

Spirit (I desire to feel my Divine Feminine)

  • Meditate
  • Wild Woman Circle meet-ups twice a month

Business (I desire to be freakin’ rich!)

  • Film a video daily; teach myself how to do simple editing
  • Book production (write for an hour and or do the next step in my self-publishing process, Simply Self-Published. Click HERE if you’d like to learn it yourself).
  • Share information about my products and services on all my social media channels

The challenging part is to now, every day for 30 days, pull at least one item from that list in each category to plot my day’s activity, then FOLLOW THROUGH and do everything on my plan for the day.


Another good question (you’re spot on with the asking today, if I may say so).  I’m doing this to establish a routine of consistency to my days. Right now, my forays outside my comfort zone are few and far between which translates into not really feeling the way I want to feel or getting ANYTHING I desire accomplished. And that sucks.

Okay, that’s it for this post. I’m heading off to bed so as to get a nice start in the morning. 30 Days of Desire starts promptly at 8am tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned as I’ll be documenting my progress via the videos, blog posts, and what not all across the interwebs. Before I go, I want to ask, what all do you have planned for March? What are some of your desires? Have you fulfilled a few yet this year?  Tell me in the comments, please. I like to hear how others are doing with life.

As always, sending love and light.


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