Too much social media…

…Not enough know how to make it all make sense.

So, in the name of building my empire, I’ve got two Facebook pages (one “personal”, one “business”), an Instagram account, a Tumblr account, three sites, and one website, AND a business YouTube channel.  I’ve got a few ideas for content scribbled hither and yon as well along with a colorful content calendar.

You know what I don’t have? The desire to manage any of it. Decent equipment. Any real knowledge of how to edit anything. Affordable, quality software that would be easy to learn how to edit stuff with. Someplace to record content (be it video or writing) that is comfortable.

I do however desire to write more, talk into my laptop camera more, even attempt a podcast soon.  So I suppose there is that.

I come home to this blog space where it all started. Where the words flowed. Where I was sometimes vulnerable and open without repercussion or expectation. I could just be with the words that flow through my veins. I miss those carefree days.


2 thoughts on “Too much social media…

  1. I hear you! Sometimes I don’t know how to do the “things,” or I don’t have the energy to do the “things.” There’s a learning curve. My teen takes to new technology like breathing. While I still remember the day when our family got its first color TV! LOL Baby steps. 😀

    1. Nice to know there is someone else out there having a similar experience. My goober and her boydude are both graphically / digitally / social media inclined, but alas, enlisting their help is a miss – they have lives and helping mom get her social media empire built is not high on the list of to-do’s. lol.

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